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The Best Two Customer Support Software of 2019

Aug 12, 2019

The average company loses 45 to 50 percent of its customers every five years, which is an alarming statistic since customers are the bedrock of any company. To prevent this considerable loss from happening, companies need a reliable and predictable means of meeting the needs of their customers. 

Customer Support Software is a means that have helped many top companies keep their customers satisfied. While the human touch to customer service cannot be erased, customer support software complement human efforts. There are hundreds of this software; each different in its features, industry use, and compatibility. How then do you determine which software will work best for your business?

What Makes A Good Customer Support Software?

Not just any customer support software is good for your business, there are certain factors in determining if a customer support software is right for you. You should check these factors before you choose a customer support software for your business. 

    • Usability: An excellent customer support software should be easy to use. Both your customers and your team should enjoy using the software. The layout of the software should be intuitive and user-friendly. Make sure the software fits the use for which you need it.
    • Effectiveness: How well does it work? Does the software work well on its own or do you have to supplement its use with other tools? You don’t want to spend money on software that does not carry out the needed functions.
    • Value: Is the support software adding value to your business? Do you get worth for your money? Are your customers and team benefiting from the software?

If you can check these three factors in a customer support software, you can be assured you’re making the right choice.

Why to Use Customer Support Software For Your Business?

The world of customer service has experienced a lot of changes since the time of simple face to face interaction with customers. Now, customers expect the best of support on a 24-hour basis due to the advent of mobile applications. A customer wants to be able to ask questions about your product and get answers in the quickest possible time. 

A lot of customers get retained as a result of excellent customer support. You do not want your competitors to beat you at this game. Also, your team can’t do it all by themselves, which is why you need good customer support software. 

How to Use Customer Support Software?

You should start with the basics by using help desk software, especially if your business is a small one. As your business expands, you can move on to using the other features of customer support software to meet your needs. 

Chat rooms, social support, and community forums are additional tools that you can use to connect to your customers. Some customer support software have tools like video conferencing and bug reporting that help your team connect and solve customer issues quicker. You can also use the best customer support apps to let your customers reach you at any time. 

Proper use of customer support software is encompassed in the phrase – keep your customers first. You are in the business for your customers; therefore, whatever the choices you make on your customer support software should be meeting the needs of your customers. 

The Best Two Customer Support Software

A reliable customer support software will make your customers feel cared for and satisfied. The best customer support software in 2019 are LiveAgent and HelpShelf.

1. LiveAgent Customer Support Software 

LiveAgent manages inbound and outbound customer communication from various channels helping you save time, satisfy your customers, and grow your business. From ticket management to security, LiveAgent considers every aspect of aiding your customer support goals.

You can enjoy live chat with your customers and reach them on social media through Twitter and Facebook using LiveAgent. Also, analytics and reporting are easy on LiveAgent as you can check your performance, reward support representatives, and motivate your team members to do better. LiveAgent uses badges, rewards, levels, and benchmarks to make everyday work more fun for your team members.

LiveAgent is available on iOS and Android for your convenience and your customers’. The remarkable thing is you can get all these at a discount using our LiveAgent discount code. It’s a 20% discount deal off all three of their plans gives you a super affordable start, considering that the basic plan is just $9 per month. 

2. HelpShelf Customer Support Software 

Favored by B2B and SaaS companies, HelpShelf is a useful customer support software that acts as a bookshelf for you, your customers, team members, and prospects. You can easily manage your support tickets and content by using HelpShelf. 

HelpShelf helps your customers find the content they need and save them till their next visit to your website,  thereby drastically reducing the support tickets you get. The wide range of content integration available on this software allows you to analyze your customers’ behavior and determine what content to show them. 

You get more organized, and resources become easily accessible to your customers. HelpShelf is also easy to use with training available for you and your staff through documentation and webinars. Cost is not an issue because their plans are affordable, and you could use our HelpShelf coupon to get a whopping 50% off three months on all their plans. 

The very best of customer support software is a necessary tool for any forward-thinking business. After all, the saying, the customer is king, remains valid. 

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