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Convert Your Visitors into Customers with These 5 Chat Tools

Jul 16, 2022
Convert Your Visitors into Customers with These 5 Chat Tools

Customer service is the core of any business. Nothing beats a happy customer, and chat tools are one of the best ways to satisfy your customers.

Imagine you get a lot of queries on Christmas day order delivery. You can’t be available all the time to answer every single question.

Results? You will lose customers.

You can’t afford to lose even a single customer in this competitive world. A lost customer is a loss to your business.

What if there was a way you could be available to answer all your customer queries without being physically present?

Enter chat tools.

Chat tools are the future of customer service!

Chat tools help you manage, organize, and respond to customer queries in real-time. Not only that, but they also help you keep track of all your conversations in one place.

We have compiled a list of 5 chat tools that will help boost your customer service and convert your visitors into customers.

This article will provide an unbiased review of the top 5 chat tools in 2022.

Let’s get started!


1) LiveAgent

When it comes to customer service – LiveAgent is included in most of the top-rated helpdesk software. It is an all-in-one solution that offers live chat, ticketing, automation, and AI-powered chatbots.

What sets LiveAgent apart from other chat tools is its ability to offer a personalized experience to each customer. LiveAgent offers features like pre-chat forms and automatic assignment of chats that help you collect important customer information and route the chat to the right agent.

LiveAgent also offers a robust set of features for team collaboration. For instance, you can use the chat assignment feature to assign chats to specific agents or groups. You can also create canned responses and chat macros to speed up your support process.

Its cloud phone support feature lets you handle call center and customer service from the same platform.

You can make and receive calls, unlimited call recordings, and call transfers. In short, inbound and outbound marketing is super easy with LiveAgent.

Who is LiveAgent for?

Software full of features and easy to use, LiveAgent is great for businesses of all sizes.

It’s for you if:

1) You have many customer service queries

2) You can’t be available all the time to answer queries

3) You want to boost your customer service

4) You want to convert more visitors into customers

5) You have many platforms and can’t keep track of all the conversations

6) Your social media platforms are not enough to answer all customer queries

7) You want to be available on the phone and chat at the same time

8) You can’t invest in so many agents and customer service representatives for each channel

LiveAgent is the best chat tool for you if you find yourself in any of the above situations.

What are the Essential features of LiveAgent?

1) Ticket System

This is the first and most important feature of LiveAgent. The ticket system ensures that no customer query goes unattended. You can assign tickets to specific agents or groups, set priorities, and add due dates.

You can handle your queries from one interface without having to switch between different platforms. Once you have implemented all your platforms with LiveAgent, you will receive all the requests and issue emails and queries in LiveAgent, which will be called tickets so you can easily organize, handle and follow up with the query.

2) Service Desk

I love this feature of LiveAgent. It lets customers find their tickets, check progress, and add comments. It also includes live chat so that you can provide support on the go without a ticketing system.

3) Connect Social Media Channels

Nowadays, customers expect businesses to be available on multiple channels. LiveAgent lets you connect all your social media channels so you can easily respond to queries and comments.

4) Monitoring

LiveAgent is to make your lives easy. They offer features like monitoring. You get a dashboard that shows you the number of chats, average waiting time, and customer satisfaction score. Plus reporting and analytics feature lets you track your performance over time.

5) Integrations

Last but not least, LiveAgent offers integrations with popular CRMs, Help Desks, and eCommerce platforms. This way, you can easily transfer data between LiveAgent and your other systems.

The screenshot shows only three software, but the numbers tell you that you can integrate 206 software with LiveAgents, which are popular in their own domain and used by many people.

LiveAgent Pricing

LiveAgent has a free trial Agent has three pricing plans. The paid package prices depend on the services you are taking and the number of users.

1) Ticketing System: 

The ticketing system includes all the features of LiveAgent except the live chat. You can use it to handle all your customer queries, complaints, and feedback. The pricing for the ticketing system starts at $15 per month for one user.

2) Ticket+Chat: 

The ticket+chat system includes all the ticketing system features and the live chat. This is great if you want to provide support on the go. The pricing for the ticket+chat system starts at $29 per month for one user.

3) All Inclusive: 

The all-inclusive system includes all the features of the ticketing system, video calls, IVR, call center support, live chat, unlimited call recordings, and monitoring. The pricing for the all-inclusive system starts at $49 per month for one user.

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2) Helpwise

Having multiple logins, multiple team members connecting with different customers simultaneously, and multiple channels to attend can be chaotic and confusing.

Imagine you are resolving customer queries from social media while you also have to check your emails and live chat. How inconvenient is it to use different interfaces for different tasks? Meet Helpwise, your collaborative inbox for customer support.

The shared box of Helpwise lets you handed multiple queries from multiple platforms under one interface. You and your team can easily communicate with each other, assign tasks, leave comments, and attach files.

How does Helpwise Work?

Helpwise allows your sales, finance, customer support, and marketing teams to connect their email, social media, live chat, and other accounts in one place. This way, you can easily collaborate and provide better customer support.

Instead of login into different interfaces for different tasks, you can do everything from your Helpwise inbox. You can also create multiple inboxes for different teams or departments.

Be it emails; Facebook chats, Twitter, or any social media or other messaging platforms, you can attend them all from your Helpwise inbox.

And instead of forwarding these important messages to your team in different channels, they can access them from the same interface.

What are the Features of Helpwise?

Helpwise offers many features that make it a great customer support tool. These features are:

1) Heplwise Team Inboxes: 

The team inbox feature of Helpwise lets you create multiple inboxes for different teams or departments. This way, you can easily collaborate with each other and provide better customer support.

2) Live Chat Widget: 

The live chat widget of Helpwise lets you provide support on the go. You can attend to customer queries and complaints from your Helpwise inbox. The capture lead option means you can capture leads from your live chat widget and follow up with them. Page Views analysis lets you know which pages are getting traction.

3) Detailed Analytics to Track Everything: 

The detailed analytics of Helpwise lets you track everything from the number of queries attended to the number of queries resolved. This way, you can easily measure your team’s performance and see where you need to improve.

4) Integrations: 

Helpwise integrates with all the major platforms like Gmail, Outlook, Zendesk, Salesforce, Social media platforms, and live chat platforms.

5) Keeps Your Privacy Protected:

 You don’t need to share passwords when sharing your inbox – this way, your privacy is protected.

6) Collaborat within Conversation: 

You can tag, assign roles, and label conversations for better tracking, grouping chats, and easy retrieval.

Helpwise Pricing:

Helpwise has a free plan for small teams and a paid plan for larger teams. The paid plans start at $25 per month for five users.

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3) Chatsilo

Facebook marketplace is the hottest thing in e-commerce right now. It provides an excellent opportunity for businesses to reach out to their target audience. However, tracking, managing, and responding to customer queries on Facebook Messenger can be chaotic and time-consuming.

And the worst scenario is to get a personal message from some friends and family during a business chat with your client. How distracting!

That’s where the Chatsilo Messenger funnel comes in. It’s a Facebook Messenger marketing tool that lets you create separate chat funnels for your business and personal Facebook accounts.

How Does Chatsilo Work?

With Chatsilo, you can easily segment your audience, send automated messages, and track your results. It’s a great way to make sure that you’re providing an amazing customer experience on Facebook Messenger.

You can set reminders, keep a tab on all important chats, create canned responses, and do a lot more with Chatsilo.

Main Features:

Mini Messenger CRM: 

Chatsilo acts as a CRM for your Facebook Messenger marketing. You can keep track of all your chats, customers, and leads in one place. You can easily handle your inbound and outbound messages and respond to customers quickly.

Bulk Messages: 

You can easily send bulk messages to your target audience with Chatsilo. Chatsilo has a chrome extension that you can use to decide the number of customers to send messages, time intervals, and more.


You can use Chatsilo to set reminders for yourself or your team members. This is a great way to make sure that no customer query goes unattended.

Automatic Message: 

When your customer sends the first ever message or accepts a friend request from a customer, you can configure an automatic message to be sent by Chatsilo. This can be very helpful in building rapport with your customers.

Chatsilo Webapp: 

The Chatsilo dashboard gives you a complete overview of your Facebook Messenger marketing. You can see all your chats, customers, and leads in one place. You can also edit, delete, export, or archive your chats.

Chatsilo Pricing

Chatsilo has a free trial of 7 days with all exclusive features. As for paid plans, Chatsilo has one fixed monthly price of $29/month.

Following are features you get when you pay for Chatsilo:

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4) HelpCrunch

Customer help desks are powerful tools, but they can be expensive and may require a larger team to manage. If you’re looking for a more affordable solution, HelpCrunch may be a good option.

HelpCrunch is a live chat tool that offers a number of features to help you boost sales and customer satisfaction.

It helps you to increase customer satisfaction and conversions on your website. It allows you to engage with visitors in real-time, build rapport, and answer any questions they may have about your product or service.

HelpCrunch always stands aside due to its large audience base and advanced features when we talk about the best live chat tools.

HelpCrunch is a communication tool that helps you manage customer support, issues, and questions in one place. No matter social media queries, website live chat, or customer feedback, HelpCrunch has you covered under one platform!

You can provide 24/7 support to your customers with this tool. Whether you are on the system, mobile, office, or vacation, this software will never let your business down! You can release tickets, send emails, provide chat solutions, and do a lot more with this one tool.

How Does HelpCrunch Work?

HelpCrunch helps you upsell or even cross-sell your products to customers as they browse your website. You can also use this tool to segment your audience, send targeted messages, create a more personalized experience, take orders, and provide customer service.

You can generate leads and sales through auto massaging, pre-email templates, following up on customers that didn’t convert, and so on.

What are the Essential Features of HelpCrunch?

HelpCrunch offers a wide range of features, but some of the essential ones include:

1) Email marketing: 

HelpCrunch helps you to automate your email marketing through beautiful newsletters, automate your campaigns, and increase your conversions. You can even resend your pre-chat of the customers to encourage them to return to your website. You can integrate different email marketing platforms with HelpCrunch, use pre-built templates, and handle reporting with detailed analytics.

2) Pop-Ups: 

You can use pop-ups to increase conversions on your website by 10-15%. You can create beautiful pop-ups with different colors, fonts, images, and videos to capture the attention of your website visitors. You can also create custom forms to gather data from your customers.

3) Mobile Live Chat Apps & SDK:

You can use HelpCrunch’s mobile SDK to add live chat to your iOS or Android app. You can also use the mobile app to chat with your customers in real-time, view their contact information, and manage your team’s performance. You can manage your team’s performance, review reports, and monitor your chatbot’s activity from the mobile app.

4) Add Live Chat Widget:

You can add a live chat widget to your website in just a few minutes. You can customize the widget to match your website’s design, choose from a variety of languages, and add your company’s logo. You can also use the widget to create a custom chat window, set up auto-invitations, and track visitor engagement.

5) Extremely Easy Interface:

You don’t need any coding knowledge to use HelpCrunch. The interface is extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate. You can quickly find the features you need and get started within minutes.

HelpCrunch Pricing

HelpCrunch paid plans depend on the members and other services you use.

The company offers 3 membership plans:

  • The Basic Plan starts at $12/month and allows you to have one member.
  • The Professional Plan starts at $20/month with one member without the email package.
  • The third plan is custom, and you can get a quote from the company by filling out the form on their pricing page.

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5) LiveChat

LiveChat is a popular customer support software that helps businesses communicate with their customers in real-time. It’s a great way to increase sales and customer satisfaction.

You can offer support, answer questions, upsell and cross-sell products, and collect leads with LiveChat.

Handle your social media, email, website, and chat all in one place with LiveChat. You can also create a custom chat window, set up automatic invitations, and get your products visible in beautifully designed cards.

What are the Features of LiveChat?

Some of the essential features of LiveChat include:

Easy Integration: 

You can easily integrate LiveChat with your existing CRM or help desk software. LiveChat allows 200+ integrations with other popular business tools, such as Dropbox, Google Calendar, Mailchimp, and more.

Largest support assistance:

You can connect with the largest support network in the world to get help when you need it. With over 75,00,000 monthly chats, 150 connected countries, 200,000 support reps, and more, you can always find the help you need.


You can customize your chat window, colors, and branding to match your website’s design. You can also create custom forms to collect data from your customers. Your chat representatives even add their pictures so your customers can see who they’re talking to.

Multi-language support:

LiveChat offers multi-language support so you can communicate with your customers in their native language. You can also use automatic translation to communicate with customers in real-time.

Analytics and reporting:

You can track your team’s performance, review reports, and monitor your chatbot’s activity with LiveChat’s analytics and reporting tools.

Message sneak peeks and canned responses:

You can see what your customer is typing before sending the message with a sneak peek. This way, you can provide support even before they need it. You can also use canned responses to respond to common questions quickly.

Other Features:

LiveChat also offers a mobile app so you can manage your team’s performance, review reports, and monitor your chatbot’s activity from your mobile device. You can also use the app to chat with your customers in real-time.

LiveChat Pricing

LiveChat offers a 14-day free trial. After the trial, LiveChat has 4 paid plans:

  • The Starter Plan starts at $16/month per agent.
  • The Team Plan starts at $33/month per agent.
  • The Business Plan starts at $50/month per agent.
  • The Enterprise Plan has custom pricing, and you need to contact the company for a quote.

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There you go! These are the five best chat tools to help you increase sales and customer satisfaction. Which one are you going to use first?

Each tool has specific features and benefits, so choose the one that best suits your needs. If you’re unsure which one to choose, try them all out with our exclusive discounts and see which works best for you and your business.

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