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  • Chat tools that make customer satisfaction easier
  • Beautiful customization makes the tool blend in your website
  • Analytical reports that help you adjust strategies and appropriately reward deserving agents
  • Security for you and your customers' data

LiveChat – Your Ideal Solution For Customer Service 

According to Syed Balkhi, the CEO of OptinMonster, a person who chats on their platform is 11 times more likely to convert compared to the average site visitor. The truth is people like talking, especially when they want to purchase something. How do you use these facts in your favour?

You should get your site visitors talking, of course. But, chatting can be both tedious for you and your site visitors if you don’t use the right tool. LiveChat is the platform that provides 360° customer service that will help both you and your customers. 

How Does LiveChat Work?

LiveChat is a customer service software that started in 2002. It helps businesses provide live support through chat, email, and social media. It is available in over 40 languages and has more than 150 accepted integrations. 

You can make use of it to chat with your website visitors or your employees answer questions from customers. This tool has features that will help you not only effectively chat with your customers and site visitors. You get more than that. You can automate the process, get reports, and customize your chats.

Want to know more about what LiveChat has to offer? You can read more about the features below.

What Are The Features Of LiveChat?

LiveChat has several features that will help make your customer service goals a success. With our LiveChat discount codes, you get to enjoy these features at an incredible price. Some of the features are;

Chat Tools. LiveChat doesn’t just help you chat with your customers. You also get tools that help you reply to customers faster. You can save frequently repeated responses, add widgets, buttons, cards, and apps in a chat, and add tags to conversations in other to track their essence. 

You also get to share files, transfer chats between agents, and evaluate chats. Whatever you can think of doing with your conversations, LiveChat has you covered.

Customization. You can customize your chat to suit your website’s colours and looks. Agents can also add their pictures to give customers the feeling of talking to a real person. You can also add a knowledge base of answers to frequently asked questions that your customers can use.

Analytics and Reports. It is not enough to have excellent customer service tools. It is also essential to understand what is working for your customers and what isn’t. These chat reports and other analytics will help you make the right decisions for you, your customers, and your agents. 

Security. LiveChat helps you install measures that ensure the safety of both your brand and your customers. You can get end-to-end encryption, hide sensitive data, help your customers keep their data in protected data centres with LiveChat. 

All these features and more are what make LiveChat the ideal choice for a customer service tool. You also get to enjoy the benefits of choosing LiveChat, as explained below.

What Are The Benefits Of LiveChat?

LiveChat, with the help of its numerous features, helps you achieve specific goals. You can say that the achievement of these goals, which you might not get with other tools, are the benefits of choosing LiveChat. Some of the benefits are;

  • Customer Satisfaction: With instant responses and customer support in navigating your site, LiveChat helps you ensure that every customer leaves satisfied. You also get to know how pleased they are by your service, which enables you to do better.
  • More Conversions: LiveChat helps you relate with more potential customers. It also helps you close sales with reluctant potential customers. 
  • Performance Tracking: Improvement is only possible when you know how well you are doing. LiveChat provides you with graphic illustrations of the facts which will help you adjust appropriately. 
  • Efficient Service: LiveChat is easy to set up on your site, you can chat with several people at once, you can use it on both desktops and mobile devices. Your data is also secure on this tool. 

The sweet thing is that with our LiveChat discount coupons and deals, you are getting these benefits at an unbeatable price. Ready to start enjoying LiveChat’s features and benefits? Let’s tell you more about how to use it.

How To Use LiveChat:

LiveChat is easy to use and set up. You can follow these steps to start your LiveChat journey. 

Step 1: Set up your account with your business email, name, website, and phone number

Step 2: Complete your set up on a computer with the instructions sent to your email. 

Step 3: Start your first chat and start implementing the features that will help you increase your leads. 

Offer by LiveChat
30% Off all plans at LiveChat
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