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Top Three Social Proof Apps For 2019 With Discounts!

Aug 12, 2019

According to Robert Cavett, “95% of people are imitators and only 5% initiators, people are persuaded more by the actions of others than by any proof we can offer.” “Nearly 63% of consumers indicate that they are most likely to purchase from a site if it has product ratings and reviews.” These two statistics show that people get influenced by other people’s actions. This influence comes from our deepest fears of being excluded from a group and our desire to fit in. 

Businesses have capitalized on this psychological concept to sell products to reluctant and worried customers. The principle that has evolved based on this concept is called Social Proof. Used in different ways, Social Proof is evidence of use by other customers to entice others to buy into your product and services. Technology has made it easier to present this evidence to visitors to your site by using social proof apps. 

How Will Social Proof App Benefit You In 2019?

There are a lot of benefits to be gotten from social proof apps. Other than their primary function of giving your customers and visitors proof to make them stay, social proof apps offer a lot more to their users. 

The best social proof apps help you gather the data that you would present to your visitors. From reviews to social network standing, there are social proof apps that will help you put together the information that you would present to your clients. 

These apps do not just gather the information, but they also help you present them in beautiful, innovative ways. Some of the social proof apps for 2019 have templates that guide you in making your social proof catchy. 

Analysis and Statistics have been used to determine a lot in digital marketing. Social proof apps can help you understand which of your social proofs get your customers attention the most, enabling you to utilize it to the fullest. 

Social proof apps will also help you increase your conversions with little work on your part through a straightforward process. The evidence gathered from other people using your product builds your business credibility. This, in turn, makes your customers and visitors trust you more and push them to take action on your site as others are doing it. 

To help you, we have discover the top 3 social proof apps for 2019. You would find that at least one of them will be suitable for your business. 

Our Top 3 Social Proof Apps For 2019 (With Discounts!)

We have picked the best three social proof apps based on the following criteria: 

  • how effective they are 
  • how easy to use 
  • their reputation, and 
  • the amazing discounts you can get on their services. 

Look carefully at the highlights of the apps and how you can use the apps that we have put together for you. 

1. Use Proof

A lot of e-commerce businesses uses this social proof app. They offer three significant types of proof to your customers. They are Hot Streaks, Live Visitor Count, and Recent Activity. This app is easy to install even without their helpful demo, giving you guides all the step of the way. 

Use Proof has an excellent rating at 4.75, and they promise at least a 10% increase in your sales and leads. The app also integrates easily with all the other applications you might already be using. Experiences on Use Proof also helps your customers to personalize their journey through your site, which piques their curiosity.

The plans for this service are also very flexible as you can choose any of the six plans they offer. These plans are based on the average number of visitors you get on your site. This means you wouldn’t have to pay money for services you’re not using. Our Use Proof discount coupon offers an incredible 15% off all their plans. 

2. ProveSource 

ProveSource is  easy to use and understand. You get to build your customers’ trust through their six steps. From showing off your stream and product purchase to giving informational insights, ProveSource gives your site that busy store feeling.  

Your notifications are also secured as ProveSource runs an authentication on all the facts displayed. This also helps your customers trust the figures shown. You also learn more about how to keep your customers engaged through the analytics and auto-tracking feature.

This social proof app is multilingual, so you have no problem as you expand globally. ProveSource is easy to install on your site and landing pages. To get started, you have to register for free on the website. After your free trial, you have to update to one of their plans. Use ProveSource discount code to get an impressive 50% off your plan of choice. 

3. Trust Activity

Trust Activity is an excellent SEO and Mobile friendly social proof app. The layout is simple, and the installation process is fast. It is easy to customize your notifications to fit your business image. Following the simple steps and guidelines, you can set up the rules and timing that will guide the notifications.

Integrated with various languages, you can make your choice of language and one of the many templates offered in the library. Their reliable technical support also means you would not have any trouble getting answers to any of your questions. 

Trust Activity is very affordable, and you can also make use of our Trust Activity discount to get a generous $50 free credit

Do not wait until your competitors take all your customers, visitors, and prospects through social proof. Market the right way with credible evidence your customers can trust using these best social proof apps in 2019.

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