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  • Give customers useful insights into the activities of your website
  • Increases traffic growth and conversion rates
  • Clean, beautiful and intuitive dashboard
  • Instant and easy installations

PROVESOURCE- The Social Proof Expert

ProveSource has a perfect review with its primary function as a social marketing platform that helps monitor current customer behaviors on your website, build trust in prospects, trigger & increase conversion rates.

It is a necessary marketing tool for e-commerce, retail, content marketing, traveling, and SaaS businesses. ProveSource utilizes traffic, data, and sales on platforms to give customers useful insights into the activities of the business.

Let’s see how it works.

How Does ProveSource Work?

ProveSource is an online social proof marketing platform that helps businesses increase their traffic growth and conversion rates.

How Does ProveSource Work?

Provesource help give your online business platform a busy-store feel, optimizing customers and prospects decisions, and in turn giving prospects an idea of what’s the buzz about your website and what unique offers you have, leaving them with the feel of an actual store. The busy feeling on your website increases their trust in your brand and compels them to take actions that matter.

The notifications shown to your customers and prospects, help in your website navigation while channeling them to pages where you need traffic and more conversions. ProveSource is just the tool you need to boost your traffic and conversion, and you can start out with some discounts using our ProveSource discount coupons.

How Does ProveSource Work?

What Are The Features Of ProveSource?

Customer engagement features: Analytics, Gamification, content syndication & churn management.

Sales enablement features: Content, lead and performance management.

3rd party platform integrations.

Control of notification timing, speed and much more.

100% authenticated conversions, purchase and other activities

Instant and easy installations on sites and landing pages

Auto tracking

Multilingual support

Rules display on notification setting

All-time events display when having few visitors

Utilization of servers and 3rd parties for conversion and sales display

What Are The Benefits Of ProveSource:

Provesource has several benefits for your business as a social proof marketing platform; some of them include:

  • Potential customer Informants: Using ProveSource, recent customer activities and behaviors on your sites and web application such as recent services/products purchased, orders made, reviews and comments from other customers who have used the products/services are shown to prospects, thus creating a sense of urgency and building trust in potential customers. All these are done using specific provesource features.
  • Conversion authentication: With Provesource you and your customers need not worry about the possibilities of fraudulent activities or events that result in fake conversions or fake events meant to lure prospects or customers into making certain buying decisions that would cost them. Provesource ensures safe business communication between you and your customers or prospects.
  • Setup, customization, and running of unlimited notifications in no time: Provesource allows you to create, customize and launch notifications on what and how you would like to be informed about activities on your sites and application. So you get notifications on visits, purchases, popular interests among customers, unique programs to run for sales increase and lots of other activities.
  • Ease management: Provesource dashboard is user-friendly (clean, beautiful and intuitive) with essential pieces of information you will need, notification menu, notifications previews (before seen by customers), and overall management tasks This allow you to save your time and concentrate on what you love to do best.

How To Use ProveSource:

Step 1: Create an account on ProveSource website

Step 2: A free trial version is available after which you can update to any of the plans. Get started with our Provesource discount deals to save some money off the real cost.

Step 3: Install your generated snippets on your sites. Refresh and verify your site installation. You can install on any of these type of websites: Local Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento apps, and Cloudflare.

How to Use ProveSource

Step 4: Create notifications

Step 5: Setup and customize your notifications using our wizard.

Step 6: Track & monitor impressions hover, clicks, lead engagements & visitors engaged. You can also add the Google analytic integration.

How to Use ProveSource

  • testimonial user
    So easy to use and the best customer support I've ever seen!
    David W.
  • testimonial user
    ProveSource helped us increase our conversion rate by 39% and it was super easy to setup.
    Tamás R.
  • testimonial user
    After installing ProveSource we saw a double-digit increase in the conversion rate at each step.
    Eric A.
Offer by ProveSource
50% Off at ProveSource
Love this dealSave it for later!

Terms and Condition

50% Off first month only.

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