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10% Off at Affise
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Deal Overview
  • Total CPA campaigns management: launching, tracking, analysis and optimization in real-time
  • Automated transfer of numerous offers and advertisers from any other source to Affise system
  • Real-time analysis of ad campaigns performance
  • Power of automation: fraud-prevention and Smartlinks for maximizing profit on certain offers

Affise – SaaS Marketing Platform for Affiliate industry 

How Does Affise Work?

Affise is a SaaS Performance Marketing Platform for advertisers, agencies, and networks to manage, track, analyse and optimise their online advertising campaigns in real-time. Creatives and conversions, publishers and payments, everything is right where you need it, easy to manage and analyze. 

Affise is a versatile platform that can be used by different marketers for different purposes:

  • Networks to aggregate and manage numerous ad campaigns and traffic sources within one platform;
  • For brands and huge advertisers to kickstart, track and control advertising campaigns;
  • For affiliates who want to create and track their own affiliate program.

It is suitable for both beginners in the industry to start their first affiliate programs, but at the same time to have space for future growth, and big companies with thousands of advertisers and offers, who need a robust technology to support their business. 

How Does Affise Work?

1000+ companies are using Affise for driving their business forward with conversion-based costs instead of paying for clicks.

Main Features

Custom dashboards Affise developed a customizable dashboard that could be configured individually for every user’s convenience. It’s a breakthrough in the way how you can visualize your data, making it easy for understanding and decision-making.

Affise - Custom Dashboards

Tracking. At Affise you can track all sorts of your marketing activities: impressions, clicks, conversions. All the data will be accurately collected and processed for further usage. 

Deep analytics. Affise offers 50+ slices of data breakdowns for more in-depth analytics and accurate data-driven decision-making

Smart Targeting and CR Optimization. ML and automation tools that aim to help affiliates to tap into specific markets and increase conversion rates.

Tailored UI design and Configurable widgets to shape your interface with convenience for you, your staff and affiliates in mind.

3rd party integrations – Affise Marketplace can provide you with already set-to-go services to streamline operational processes; or seamlessly conduct new integrations via our feature-rich API.

Affise - Our Features

Benefits of Affise 

  • Smooth migration

Whether you are switching to Affise from other platform or you are new in business and start with Affise, with our onboarding package and automated offers pulling service, CPAPI, your migration and setup process will be fast and easy.

  • Total budget control

You can predict your budget and hold it within approved limits with Pay-Per-Conversion strategy.

  • 24/7 Support 

Devoted for your needs team consisting of a Customer Success Manager and a Technical Support specialist will always be at your services.   

  • Feature-rich API

Service that makes our affiliate platform and your custom solution work together. You can integrate any 3rd-party service at ease in almost no time. 

How Does It Differ From Others?

  • It allows you to oversee your budget and earn more with Performance-based pricing model
  • Choose the most profitable offers with Smartlinks. The ML algorithm takes data about a user, analyses all the information received in order to send visitors to an offer that is most likely to be converted. 
  • You can configure your own Custom Dashboard in the way that simplifies your workflow. Further comparison reports allow you to analyze and compare campaigns’ performance form a unified dashboard and easily share reports with your partners 
  • Impression tracking and attribution to an advertiser – to measure brand awareness and work with brand campaigns.  
  • Advanced targeting settings: geo, connections type, OS, mobile carries, devices, browsers, IP rage, subs etc.
  • With Affise trafficback feature, you won’t lose any traffic which is non-valid by OS/GEO/DEVICE for your offer. All the clicks which don’t fall within your offer restrictions will be sent to trafficback and won’t be counted. 
  • Automated data transfer from one system to another with the help of CPAPI, which is already integrated with a significant number of sources, such as tracking solutions, agencies, advertisers and so forth.
  • Cap management. Thanks to the diverse cap management system you can control the advertising budget. You can set it daily, monthly or for the entire campaign time. It’s also possible to set up the time zone due to the offer’s requirements.

How To Use Affise?

Step 1: You leave the request, after which Affise team contacts you, you set your account together and have it free for 30 days.

Step 2: You don’t need to install anything, everything is stored in the cloud at Affise platform. You simply log in there every time with your credentials.

Step 3: You can take advantage of our data transfer tool, CPAPI, and pull all offers to Affise platform in almost no time

Step 4: You set Offers, specify conditions if you need to target a specific audience, (geo, connection type, OS, mobile carries, devices, browsers, IP rage, etc., define payouts conditions, if needed set different caps for offers, add creatives and release your campaigns life. 

Step 5: Keep an eye on the performance of the campaign through the dashboard, use statistics to monitor performance indicators and update offers if needed. If you need to communicate with your partners, you can do it also directly in the platform, through the ticketing system. 

Try Affise to see how your business can grow with it!

Get 10% off for the first month!

Offer by Affise
10% Off at Affise
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