• Unlimited automatic report generation for team members and clients
  • Easy integration with numerous tools across channels
  • White label with robust customization options
  • Comprehensive dashboards with connected insights from multiple channels

Oviond – Your Powerfully Simple Cross-Channel Monitoring and Reporting Software

Every marketer knows the importance of analytics. However, with several marketing tools to analyze, it takes a lot of work to gather insights from the various marketing tools that a brand or agency uses. 

What do you think about software that helps you monitor and report on all your data from various tools and platforms? Oviond is one such software. It is a simple platform that handles all your digital marketing data in one place. We have explained all the details you need on this software below.  

How Does Oviond Work?

Oviond is a software designed for both individual brands and digital marketing agencies. It helps you gather all your data intelligence in one place by integrating all the software you use. It makes all the data easy to view with intuitive dashboards.

Oviond also allows you to report on the intelligence you gain from this data. It helps you create customizable reports that are easy to understand. These reports can also be automatically sent weekly, monthly, and annually to your clients or team members. 

While other platforms carry out some of these functions separately, Oviond is unique as it offers all these features in one. You can learn about the features that this platform provides below.

What are the Features of Oviond?

Oviond has all the features you need for data monitoring and simplified reporting on all your digital marketing platforms. The features you get to use on this platform are:

Integrations and Apps. Oviond integrates with several platforms and apps. It includes all the digital marketing platforms you use and collects insightful data you need from these platforms. The data sources that you can integrate are email marketing tools, advertising tools, social media pages, e-commerce tools, video platforms, and analytics, and search traffic tools. 

Automated Multi-Source Reporting. Generating easy to understand reports can be stressful and time-consuming. Oviond automatically helps you create a comprehensive report on all your data from several sources. 

The report would visually show the key performance indicators of each source, comparing and combining all the data. You can also schedule the sending of these reports on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis to your clients or team members.

Simple Cross-Channel Dashboards. Oviond has simple, cross-channel dashboards that allow you to see all the trends, KPIs, and drill-downs of your marketing data. You can customize these dashboards with your logo and colors and share it with your clients or team. 

Oviond has a free 14-days trial that allows you to test out these features before you invest your money in it. Our
Oviond discount coupons will also get you a 25% off the pricing plan you chose. You can learn more about the benefits of the software below.

What are the Benefits of Oviond?

Oviond has lots of outstanding qualities that you will not gain from similar software. You can enjoy all the advantages it provides at a super affordable price with our Oviond discount codes. Some of these benefits are:

  • Unlimited clients management capacity
  • Simplified sharing that does not require logging in
  • Unlimited dashboards and reports generation
  • Intuitive pre-set templates for quick reporting
  • Robust customization options for logos
  • Prompt notifications on goals, budget, and more
  • Helpful documentation and tutorials with expert support
  • Flexible pricing plans to suit the needs of brands and agencies

Oviond has all the features you need with some you don’t even know you need in a simple, yet powerful package. Are you ready to do all your analytics and reporting in one place with this software? We have provided a few pointers that will be of use.

How to Use Oviond:

Oviond was designed for simplicity and effectiveness. You will find it easy to navigate through the features provided by OvIond. You can follow through the steps in making use of the software at the beginning. 

Step 1: Create your Oviond account. You would start with a free 14 days trial. Do not forget to use our Oviond discount deals when you subscribe to a plan.  

Step 2: Set up by integrating your tools and apps.

Step 3: Add the emails for your scheduled reporting.

Step 4: Generate dashboards using pre-set templates.

Step 5: View and send reports to gain insights into your marketing campaigns.

If you encounter any problems, you can contact support, and it will be resolved as soon as possible. What are you waiting for? Get your Oviond account today!

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