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  • Easy table and chart creation from any data source or manually
  • Advanced, responsive, and scrollable table display and customization
  • Advanced filters and search that makes finding data quick and easy
  • Smooth front end and back end table editing that any developer will love

wpDataTables  – The Best WordPress Plugin for Tables and Charts 

Tables and charts make it easier to understand different data types, which makes them a vital tool in several fields. Creating a suitable table or chart for your WordPress blog can take a lot of time and brainwork. You might still end up not achieving the results you want.

What do you say to a plugin that solves this problem? wpDataTables is that plugin. It helps you create responsive, editable tables, and charts that you can easily publish on your WordPress. You can learn more about what this software offers from this review. 

How does wpDataTables Work?

wpDataTables is a WordPress plugin that helps to turn your data into easily-published tables and charts for your blog. The software works for all fields that handle data that needs to be represented in tables or graphs. It has an excellent user interface that makes inputting data hassle-free.

This best-selling plugin is trusted by over 30,000 individuals and companies who use it to publish responsive and editable tables and charts on their pages. It enables licensed users to carry out complex functions without the stress of trying to figure it out with Excel or My SQL.

Do you want to know the functions that you can carry out with wpDataTables? Check out its features that we have highlighted below.

What are the Features of wpDataTables?

wpDataTables helps make data representation effective and easy. One outstanding quality of the software is how it enables you to create interactive tables and charts. Tables and charts created with wpDataTables can be designed to allow for several functionalities.

Some of the features of this plugin that helps you create the best tables and charts are:

Advanced Table Display and Customization. wpDataTables enables you to create unique tables that are scrollable and responsive to changes in a data set. You can also customize your table with conditional formatting. You can also work on the table layout and word wrap. The software has a lot of tools that ensure your table looks the way you want it. 

Advanced Filters and Search. One of the problems with tables, especially large tables, is that you might find it hard to find specific data when you need it. wpDataTables solves this problem by providing advanced filters and search options that you can set up in no time. This feature lets you narrow your WordPress table results to what you need in no time. 

WordPress Chart Creation. With wpDataTables, you can convert your tables to charts. You can also create charts using Google Charts, HighCharts, or Charts.js. The wpDataTables Chart wizard allows you also to edit existing charts, filter chart data, and similar group rows.

Table Editing Options. This software allows you to edit your tables from the front end and back end. You can use wpDataTables to create tables that would enable pop-ups and front end editing. It also enables you to let team members or contacts edit only their data on a table. 

wpDataTables has every feature that you need to create and publish comprehensive tables and charts in your WordPress. The software is the best choice for you and the benefits below prove that claim.

What are the Benefits of wpDataTables?

There is nothing about the features that you will enjoy with this plugin that can be called regular. Yet, in addition to the features, wpDataTables has some outstanding benefits. One of which is our sweet wpDataTables discount deals.

Some more of the benefits that you can enjoy are;

  • Easy creation of tables from any data source from MySQL query to XML
  • Quick and smooth handling of extensive tables with filters and search
  • Incredible wpDataTables Add-Ons to help you do more

  • Beautiful table customization without stress
  • WP Admin function to allow users to edit only their data
  • Suitable for any field or discipline
  • Fast and reliable support via a ticketing system

Creating tables and charts for WordPress does not get easier than on wpDataTables. Are you ready to use it for yourself? We have outlined the simple steps for you below.

How to Use wpDataTables:

wpDataTables makes the process of creating to publishing charts and tables on WordPress super fast and easy. You can follow these steps to obtain your license and to publish tables or graphs.

Step 1: Purchase your license. You can purchase any of the three plans depending on your needs. You can also choose to buy an annual plan or get lifetime access. Whatever you want, our wpDataTables discount coupons can get you a whopping 20% off the regular price. So, do not forget to use it.

Step 2: Once you have obtained your license, you can start creating by uploading your data file through any source of choice. You can also decide to upload it manually to the wpDataTables wizard.

Step 3: Configure and edit the table to suit your purposes. wpDataTables has several features to enable you to carry out whatever you want.

Step 4: Publish your table in your WordPress page or post using Visual Composer or standard WP editor.

Offer by wpDataTables
20% Off at wpDataTables
Love this dealSave it for later!

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