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Offer by Vyper

20% Off all plans Vyper

Get 20% Off all plans Vyper

  • Grow your conversions and email list with high converting pop-ups.
  • Decrease acquisition cost: Get your ROI for every lead you get on shared contents
  • Build your brand loyalty: Keep your customer excited about your brand with giveaways and rewards.
  • Allow your customers to get the word out about your business

VYPER – Your Best Viral Marketing Software

Have you launched your business services, projects or products or you’re about to? Then you need words sent out to get your target audience familiar with your business brand; this is a major pivotal arm of your business marketing strategy. This is where Vyper comes into the picture.

Vyper helps your business go viral while giving you complete control using campaigns, gamification and more to keep your potential customers and loyal fans ever excited of your brand. With Vyper, you determine how you want your business brand launched and premiere revenue generated.

VYPER - Your Best Viral Marketing Software

Vyper also increases your social reach, while ensuring you get leads with your email reach growing. Let’s find out how Vyper does all these.

How Does Vyper Work?

Let’s start by straightening it out that Vyper offers you four major tools to get your business marketing strategy started. They include:

  • Viral content upgrades
  • Viral leaderboard contents
  • Viral sweepstakes contests.
  • Interactive pop-ups.

This viral marketing software makes available the platform for you to get your content to the next level and grow your email list simultaneously by allowing your customers to share your content in return for rewards from your brand. You also get to increase your conversion rates and social engagements.

How Does Vyper Work?

You can create converting landing page or web form with no coding knowledge, run campaigns (contest and loyalty programs) that improves your social engagements through giveaways and referrals. Vyper enables you to grow your social following by giving your contestants bonuses/points for every social entry made (reposts, comments, thumb ups, follow) and verifying those actions through API feature. With no ESP required, Vyper enables you to send out follow-up emails directly to your customers with your campaign links attached.

Vyper saves you the hassle of being doubtful, by offering both its free version software and its free trial version for all its three plans for as long as you want. Only when you need to create campaigns would you need to upgrade to a paid plan. The starting price for a plan is $34, and on annual payments, you get three months free! You can save cost on the paid plans using our Vyper discount coupons.

What Are The Features Of Vyper?

Multiple language support system.

Email marketing: Get your email subscribers managed using features such as the WYSIWYG email editor,  free landing page/webform setup, autoresponders, event-triggered emails for segmented customers.

Viral contest features: Vyper fraud detection algorithm saves you time from contest cheaters across your campaigns who have no interest in your business but only your bonuses.

Customer loyalty feature: Manage your discount offers, gifts/loyalty cards systems, memberships, rewards and track your referrals.

Gamification: Gamify your pop-ups, which creates and maintain the hype of your brand, while you generate leads, using leaderboards, scoreboards and monitoring of metrics performance on your campaigns.

Integration with several top email service providers.

Digital coins enabling system.

Customizable fields across your campaign platforms.

Multiple subdomains with the Vyper branding removed from your LPs.

What Are The Benefits Of Vyper?

  • You can setup your potential viral contents notwithstanding your audience size.

What are the Benefits of Vyper?

  • Efficient tracking integrations: Vyper enables you to keep track of activities with Google analytics or Pixel tracking system.
  • You save cost on using the all-plan free trial version or the free version of the software.
  • Your social media platforms get boosted when your customer base gets incentivized into actions.
  • Build your customer base to the next level.
  • Full control: All customizations on the software are within your control using the API feature and CSS modification.
  • Create contents LPs without having to deal with complicated code generating systems.

How To Use Vyper

Step 1: Create your free Vyper account.

Step 2: Login to your account.

How to Use Vyper

Step 3: On your dashboard, you can view the interactive campaign features, click on the ‘Get started’ button to setup as desired each feature.

Step 4: There are pop-up tutorial videos on each feature to get you through without a hassle.

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Offer by Vyper

20% Off all plans Vyper

Get 20% Off all plans Vyper

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