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Get 5% Off at Videract

  • Built-in Analytics to drive your business with rich data
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  • A simple point-and-click user interaction
  • Quick addition of clickable buttons to your videos


Many people think video marketing is dead because you only have 5 to 15 seconds to capture your viewers’ attention before they click off and watch some other video. But, the fact is, many marketers make headway daily using the video marking strategy. How they do it? They create exciting content that keeps viewers focused. 

So, how do you know what will keep viewers interested and focused on your video long enough to take the actions you want? It’s by letting them interact with your video to tell you what they want. At this junction, you need software like Videract.

Videract allows viewers to interact with video content. It gives viewers more control over their experience through a variety of features and tools.

How Does Videract Work?

Videract is a cloud-based platform that makes video interaction possible. It connects, engages, and converts target customers from various channels to create massive profit.

Videmate breaks the barrier of one-sided communication that traditional videos have. It gives users control over their experience. Users can drag, hover, click, make a gesture, and much more. Users can also complete actions like pools, surveys, quizzes, and buy products while they watch videos.

The best part is that you do not need to build a website or install anything to start making profits with Videract. The software breaks down the complicated and lengthy process into an easy one.

What Are The Features of Videract?

To create a single traditional interactive video requires several tools. These tools are usually sold differently and can be costly. With the features offered by Videract and our Videract discount deals, you have all the tools you need in one affordable package.

Here are the top Videract features:

Powerful Call-To-Action (CTA). Add CTA’s to your videos with this feature. It tells your viewers what you want them to do and the actions you want them to take. This feature is vital to sales.

Engaging In-Video Quizzes and Polls. This feature lets you ask questions, offer multiple choice quizzes, and helps collect feedback using your videos. It turns your viewers into active participants.

Interactive In-Video Opt-in Forms. This feature is what you need to generate leads through your videos. It lets you build a massive email list. You then try to convert these leads into customers by sending promotional content to them.

And even more, features like:

  • Next-Gen Videos to Videos
  • Add Slides to Videos
  • Add Videos Timer Countdown

The list seems endless. Each of these features offers excellent benefits that boost your marketing sales in a short while. Other benefits you stand to get are listed below.

What Are The Benefits Of Videract?

We believe our Videract discount codes and coupons are one of the benefits you stand to gain when you subscribe to Videract. Also, Videract helps you:

  • Transform your videos into a landing and registration page
  • Maximize conversion with its cutting-edge video-in-video technology
  • Crush competitors with features like logo watermark, in-video file download, text overlay, etc.
  • Save money on hosting fees by hosting your videos in the cloud server provided by Videract

The list of benefits seems endless. By now, we believe you’ll like to know how to use Videract and start generating massive profit.

How To Use Videract:

There are a few steps you have to follow. The process is shown below:

Step 1: Buy either the Videract Pro Commercial or Pro Agency package.

Step 2: Launch the software and create your account.

Step 3: Log-in and create a new project.

Step 4: Upload videos and images.

Step 5: Drag and drop to edit the video.

Step 6: Add layers of interactive elements to the video.

These are the steps you need to take to get the best of Videract. Don’t forget to make use of our Videract discount offers as well.

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Offer by Videract

5% Off at Videract

Get 5% Off at Videract

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