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Offer by Adskeeper

20% Bonus at Adskeeper

Get 20% Bonus at Adskeeper

Terms & Conditions

20% bonus will be credited when $500 minimum is deposited.

  • Customizable ads formats to fit nicely into any website’s content
  • A simple dashboard with clear pointers to several functions to be carried out
  • Simple and effective stats reporting system to help you with analysis of your earnings
  • Referral program for publishers to earn you more money

Adskeeper – The Native Ads Network For Publishers and Advertisers 

Tired of looking for the best ads spaces to no avail? Trying to make some money off your website? You should try native advertising. Native advertising puts ads as a part of the recommended content below the relevant post. This advertising strategy is useful and gets more clicks than other advertising formats.

Adskeeper is a native ad network that connects advertisers and publishers for native advertising. This platform works on making advertising a win-win for publishers and advertisers. By focusing on appropriate content and studying the behaviour of visitors to websites, Adskeeper makes advertising is a more lucrative venture for advertisers and publishers as they lead to higher CTR and more leads. You must wonder about the details of how Adskeeper achieves this goal.

How Does Adskeeper Work? 

Adskeeper is a native advertising network that pays on a CPC basis. Publishers get to make money by displaying native content recommendations on various parts of their website. Advertisers also get a higher click-through rate with this type of advertising.

Adskeeper also ensures that the ads provided by the advertisers meet specific standards. Advertisers on Adskeeper enjoy optimization tools that make their ads generate more revenue. There are various features embedded in the network with great advice to make advertisers and publishers make the most of their ads and website traffic, respectively. 

What Are The Features Of Adskeeper? 

Adskeeper has various features that allow you to carry out several functions. You can enjoy these functions at a more affordable price when you use our Adskeeper discount coupons and codes.  

Here are some of the features you will enjoy with our discount. 

Customizable Ads Formats. Adskeeper has various ad formats for publishers to choose from. This feature allows publishers to put ads where they want on their website. The ads can also be customized to suit the general look of their website. These widget style ads on Adskeeper are also of high-quality sound; it won’t drop the quality of your site.

Simple Dashboard. Adskeeper dashboard is designed to allow publishers and advertisers to navigate their way on the website easily. The dashboard is beautifully sectioned into two; one side for advertisers, the other for publishers. All functions can be carried out from the landing page with a bar that takes you where you want with one click. 

Referral Program. Adskeeper has a referral program for publishers that allows them to make more money than from CPC. This program is done by referring other publishers to Adskeeper. 

Campaign Addition for Advertisers. Advertisers can add their campaigns to Adskeeper for better traffic and more results. This feature opens you up to more opportunities of promoting your ads to a broader but more targeted audience.

Other than these incredible features, there are certain advantages to using Adskeeper as a publisher or advertiser. 

What Are The Benefits of Adskeeper? 

As a publisher or advertiser, there are benefits to using Adskeeper for native advertising. Our Adskeeper discount deals also help you experience this service at a much-reduced price. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Effective stats reporting system with several filters showing revenue and daily earnings
  • Efficient payment methods and quick payout 
  • A broad network that covers a lot of geographical locations
  •  Extra revenue from highly converting traffic
  • Contact information and educative articles to help you use the platform well

These features and benefits of Adskeeper show that native advertising is an advertising strategy to try out. How do you get on this movement, though? 

How To Use Adskeeper:

Adskeeper has been designed for ease of use for both advertisers and publishers. In these simple steps, you can start your journey to advertising that truly pays. 

Step 1: Sign-up using your email address. You will get an email containing your password. 

Step 2: Login to your dashboard. 

Step 3: If you are a publisher, add your domain. If you are an advertiser, add your campaign. Wait for your domain to be approved. 

Step 4: Keep exploring and making money from native advertising. 

logo icon
Offer by Adskeeper

20% Bonus at Adskeeper

Get 20% Bonus at Adskeeper

Terms & Conditions

20% bonus will be credited when $500 minimum is deposited.

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