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30 Days Free Trial at Metricool
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  • All-in-one analytics of your social media accounts metrics
  • Effective planning of your social content with Metricool planner
  • Easy online Google Ads and Facebook Ads management
  • Downloadable, personalized reports that you can schedule

Metricool – Your Comprehensive Social Media Analytics Plug

Every good marketer knows that the key to staying on top of the competition is timely insights. Many people use Google Analytics with other tools to analyze their social media activities. 

However, with your data scattered across various platforms, it might take time to make sense of the data or even implement the insights ahead of your competitors. It is for this reason you need a tool like Metricool. 

Metricool - Your Comprehensive Social Media Analytics Plug

Metricool is an all-in-one platform that helps you do all social media and online ad campaign analytics. It has all you need to analyze, measure, and manage your social media activities. We have examined most of what this tool can help you do in this review. 

How Does Metricool Work?

Metricool is a social media analytics platform, built three years ago. The platform helps you to review the metrics from your social media, plan new content from the analytical insights, and manage your ad campaigns. 

The software integrates smoothly with other social media platforms, so you won’t have any problems collecting the needed data. You can easily optimize your content strategies with the features provided by this tool. Learn more about them below. 

What Are The Features Of Metricool?

Metricool promises to give you all you need for social media analytics. The features do just that and even more. Our sweet Metricool discount deals also allow you to enjoy it at an affordable price.

Social Media Analytics. Metricool helps you sort through the metrics of data from your social networks, competitors, and ads. You can choose the exact analytics you need at any point in time. This feature helps make your decision-making process more informed and timely. You can also access data from any length of time. 

What Are The Features Of Metricool?

Online Ads Management. With Metricool, you can create, enhance, and manage your Facebook Ads and Google Ads campaigns. You can compare the performance of the ad campaigns on both platforms. The platform also provides indicators on measures for the improvement of your Google Ads.  

Personalized Reports. Data analytics is useful for decision making, but when you want to write reports based on insights from the data, it can be stressful. Metricool can take the stress by helping you generate downloadable reports according to your needs. You will only have to choose the data and sections you want in your report and add your logo. You can schedule recurring reports and have them sent to any email address you wish. 

Effective Planning. You can also plan your social content on Metricool. This feature will help you launch your publications at the right time with the most massive audience. You can also post the same content across various platforms at the same time. 

Metricool’s features help you carry out a lot of tasks in one place. However, it is one thing to have a lot of features, yet not work effectively. You will learn from the benefits below that it is not the case with Metricool. 

What Are The Features Of Metricool?

What Are The Benefits Of Metricool?

Metricool might be a relatively new tool in the social media marketing sphere, but it is not any less effective. With our fabulous Metricool coupons, you can enjoy 30 days of free trial to convince you of the effectiveness of this platform. Before you subscribe, though, here are some of the advantages you can gain from using the tool.

  • Smooth integration with all social networks that you use
  • Metricool works effectively from all devices, mobile phones or desktops
  • Widely trusted platform by huge organizations
  • Freemium Metricool account with limited features
  • Easy multi-user collaboration on projects

What Are The Benefits Of Metricool?

  • Real-time website and hashtag tracker 
  • Affordable pricing plans streamlined for customers’ needs

Are you ready to give it a trial with our amazing Metricool codes? We have provided information that will help you.

How to Use Metricool:

Metricool is a robust platform that will help you with your analytics needs, planning, and reporting. You can replace a lot of your secondary social media tools with this one affordable one.

Step 1: You choose a pricing plan to get started. We advise you to use our discount to try out the tool for 30 days before you choose the plan that suits you.

Step 2: Once you set up your Metricool account, integrate it with your social networks. You can then start to use the features to analyze, organize, and grow your social media campaigns.  

Offer by Metricool
30 Days Free Trial at Metricool
Love this dealSave it for later!

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