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70% Off Groupboss
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  • Accessible data collection and collation from Facebook group
  • Automated questions to ask incoming group members
  • Smooth integration with email auto-responders
  • Creation of custom audience for laser-targeted ads

Groupboss – Capture From Facebook Like A Boss

Facebook has over 1.3 billion active users daily. This stat equates to a large number of people daily. If you can capture a percentage of these numbers in a group for your business, you will be able to increase your leads. 

However, the manual process of converting your group members can be tedious. It is for this reason that you need a software like Groupboss that helps you convert your Facebook group members into leads. The software even automated the process. Do you want to know how to do it?

How Does Groupboss Work?

Groupboss is a software that helps you convert your Facebook group members into leads for your business. It enables you to gather data on your existing and incoming group members. This data allows you to send relevant emails to your group members.

The fabulous thing about this software is that the processes can be automated. All you have to do is set up (which won’t take more than a minute), and you can start enjoying the features it offers. Do you want to know more about these features? We have provided more details below.

What Are The Features Of Groupboss?

Groupboss is a platform that helps anyone with a Facebook group with a sizable number of followers can use to generate leads. You can make use of the features that Groupboss offers to achieve this aim. These features are;

Data Collection. Groupboss helps you collect and collate to all the data Facebook gives you access to on your group members. You can access their names, ID link, where they live and work, the day they joined Facebook and more on Groupboss. All this data can also be automatically sent to your email marketing software and Google Sheet. 

Insightful Questions. Groupboss helps you automatically set up the process of asking incoming group members to answer three questions. The answers to these three insightful questions can help you learn more about your incoming members. You can also use the insights from the answers to the questions to streamline your email and ads you will send to them.

Email Auto-Responder Integration. This platform integrates easily with several email marketing tools. You can speed up the process of adding the emails of group members to your email list by integrating Groupboss with your email auto-responder. This integration will automate the process, grow your email list, and save you time.

Cost-Effective Targeted FB Ads. Groupboss can help you create a custom audience or lookalike audience from your Facebook group. This one-click creation can help you send targeted ads at a cost-effective price. 

Groupboss can help you increase your leads with these features. You also will save on time and money. However, other tools do similar things. So, what makes Groupboss stand out? It is in the benefits.

What Are The Benefits Of Groupboss?

Groupboss has several competitors. However, this platform is still the best choice because of the benefits it offers its users. One such benefit is our Groupboss discount coupons and codes, which give you a whopping 70% off the regular price.

Some other benefits that you can enjoy are;

  • Expert support through chat or phone calls
  • In-depth search filters for fast processing and results
  • Free training on how to use the platform
  • Access to a community of other users that can help you with several issues
  • Smooth integration with email auto-responders of choice
  • Secure online payment using PayPal
  • Lifetime data saving so you never lose any data

Groupboss is all you need to start making full use of your Facebook group. Are you ready to join the league of bosses? We have detailed how you can use this tool to your benefit.

How To Use Groupboss:

Groupboss eases your lead capture process from start to finish. You can follow these steps to start enjoying its features and benefits. 

Step 1: Purchase your Groupboss account. Do not forget to apply our Groupboss discount deals before you complete your purchase.

Step 2: Set up by adding your Facebook group and email marketing service.

Step 3: Automate the process and start getting leads from your Facebook group.

Offer by Groupboss
70% Off Groupboss
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