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  • Multi-account management for several social media platforms
  • Event-Triggered Actions to help keep your post timely
  • Integrating user-generated content
  • Video testimonials addition for social proof

Sociamonials: Effective Social Media Management Tool

Many modern-day businesses manage two or more social media profiles for apparent reasons. It’s not enough any longer to maintain only a Facebook account. You need to combine with other social media platforms as well. However, this idea creates a problem of maintenance. 

How do you keep track of all campaigns and interactions coming from different platforms? It’s in a situation like this that Sociamonials comes in handy. It is the social media management tool that you need in such a case. 

Sociamonials Homepages

If you are getting to hear about this tool for the first time, let’s show you what it does, its features and benefits, and how to use it.

How Does Sociamonials Works?

Sociamonials is an analytical social media campaign manager. It lets you manage your social media updates, posts, and also interact with audiences on different social media platforms using only one interface.

Sociamonials also lets you engage with your business followers, tack the interaction links, and use the numbers to generate reports. The report you get helps you determine the effectiveness of your business strategy. It points you to where the strategy needs modification, or let you know if you need new plans.

Sociamonials How it Works

Now you know how the software works, let’s look into the features that you can use on it. 

What Are The Features of Socialmonials?

While there are tons of other social media management apps, Socialmonials is in a class of its own for many reasons. One of the reasons is the incredible features it offers. Some of them include; 

Automated Publishing. One of the rules of online marketing is that you do not post at any time. You have to be strategic about campaign posting. You can preschedule posts with this feature for a time when you know your audience will be online. You can also customize posts differently for each account.

Social Media Analysis. Sociamonials provide you with the tools you need to get information that’ll enhance your social media strategy. It offers the analytics of user’s activities, the devices each user uses, and the revenue that comes from the different platforms you operate. That’s the data you need to scale your business to a significant ROI.

What Are The Features of Socialmonials

Customized Campaigns. Trust is an essential factor in selling online. Therefore, Sociamonials provide you with the option for campaign design. You get to customize your email notifications and submission forms. This feature is a form of branding such that your audience can be confident that they are interacting with your official account.

Sweepstakes Interaction. With Sociamonials sweepstakes features, you can engage your audience using games. When you run the game campaign, you get to choose either a one-time or periodic winner. You can also apply custom settings and rules to enhance the campaign flow. Sociamonials use flagging application feature to ensure that no fraud gets through.

You can also use our Sociamonials discount coupons to access these fantastic features. But that’s not all. Let’s look at other benefits Sociamonials offers.

What Are the Benefits of Sociamonials?

In addition to the features listed above, you stand to get some mouthwatering benefits from Sociamonials. Such as:

  • Multi-Device tracking: You don’t have to be stuck with your computer all day to track your campaigns and post interactions. With the Sociamonials mobile app, you get real-time reports everywhere you go.
  • Performance Report: Dealing with numbers and interpreting them can be challenging for many people. But with Sociamonials, you can better understand the reports generated because the software provides visual reports by way of graphs and interactive charts.

Sociamonials Benefits

  • Keyword Filtering: Sociamonials keyword filtering key gives you the ability to control, import, and store only posts that contain specific keywords. This feature is ideal to limit your posts to what your visitors want to see.

You are probably looking for our Sociamonials discount deals right now because you can’t wait to begin using the platform. However, let’s see how to use the software.

How to Use Sociamonials

To use Sociamonials is relatively easy. You can get started with the 14-days free trial.

Step 1: Log On to and sign up for an account.

Step 2: Click on Account Preferences and connect your various social media platforms. You add as many accounts as you have.

Step 3: Work on your moderation settings (one-click moderation is preferable)

Step 4: Set Analytics Integration (add custom value)

Step 5: Set Conversion tracking code (Up to eight tracking events)

Step 6: Set Email Notification Preferences

Step 7: Campaign Domain Name Personalization (Enter your company name)

Once that is done, you can begin to publish. It’s that simple! However, don’t forget to use our Sociamonials discount coupons for a more affordable experience.

Offer by Sociamonials
20% Off Sociamonials
Love this dealSave it for later!

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