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  • Create and customize testimonials collection forms to suit your business needs.
  • Request and manage feedbacks, reviews, and video testimonials from customers.
  • Display your appraisals to influence buyers’ decisions and drive more sales.
  • Integrate with other video sharing apps to display your videos.

Boast- The Best Tool For Leveraging Customer Feedbacks To Drive Sales

Customer feedback: reviews go a long way in convincing new clients interested in buying from you. And they can come in text, audio, and video forms.

And the truth is, reviews influence buyer’s decisions, and most buyers will agree more with reviews in video formats- because they can relate to the expressions and emotions portrayed in the video, than reviews in other formats.

boast Homepages

With Boast, you can now organize your reviews and feedback, request and collect video testimonials from your customers, display your appraisals, convince new clients, and drive more sales- all from one convenient dashboard.

How Does Boast Work?

Boast is a collaboration software that allows you to create and customize testimonials forms for customer feedback. You can also use it to request, collect, and display happy customers’ video testimonials on your website to boost sales and grow your business. 

Boast allows you to edit and organize testimonials, tag your testimonials, and approve videos that you want to be displayed on your website. It is a tool that helps you build credibility and trust with your prospects, influence their buyer’s decisions with good reviews, and generate more income without extra effort.

boast How it Works

You can get this amazing tool using our Boast Discount code to get a 20% discount off your first-month purchase.

What are the Features of Boast? 

Boast is packed with the following features to help you request customer feedback, get testimonials, display your appraisals, and drive sales.

Audio, text, and video testimonials. Request, collect, and display audio text and video testimonials from happy customers. And use them as powerful marketing tools to build trust and credibility with prospects. Give them reasons to trust your services, boost your customer base, and grow your business.

AI Integrations. Boast integrates with the AIs of other video-sharing apps like; Youtube, Facebook, etc. so that you can up[load and display your customer’s appraisals. You can also integrate Mailchimp to store contact information. And google analytics so that you can track how your appraisals influence your business.

What are the Features of Boast

Star ratings. This metric allows you to add the five-star rating field to your collection form. This feature will help you review customers’ feedback, rate overall customer satisfaction, and add it as additional social proof on your website.

Multiple Users. This feature allows users of the professional and premium plans to add all team members on board, allocate tasks, and ease the management of online reviews, feedback, and testimonials.

Want to grow your business with testimonials and reviews? You can get all these and more by using our Boast Discount Deal.

Leverage video testimonials and reviews to boost sales without much prospecting.

What are the Benefits of Boast?

You get to enjoy all these amazing benefits and a lot more, for using Boast to grow your business.

  • Manage customer feedback: Boast helps you to request and collect testimonials, online reviews, and feedback from customers. With this, you can identify unsatisfied customers and find ways to manage them so that it doesn’t turn to negative reviews.
  • Influence buyer decisions: You can create a powerful marketing strategy with the reviews you have collected, and influence buyer decisions of prospects without directly communicating with them.
  • Rate your services: Boast helps you evaluate and rate your services with your customers’ reviews. You can use the results to restrategize and find ways to improve your service if the ratings are not so good.  

How to Use Boast:

Step 1: Sign up with our Boast Discount Deal to get a 20% discount off your first-month purchase.  

Step 2: Provide your details to get registered and gain access to your user profile.

Step 3: You will be given a code to copy and paste on your website. This will allow your customers to submit video entries on your website.

How to Use Boast

Step 4: After that, they will give you an embed code to paste on your site, which will enable you to showcase customer’s testimonials. You will also be notified of when to approve videos.

You can now showcase your appraisals to prospects and grow your business.

Offer by boast
10% Off at boast
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