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20% Off Sitechecker Pro
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  • Get real-time results with the on-page SEO checker.
  • Analyse and track your website's SEO progress.
  • Create and send website audit reports to your clients with the Website SEO reports.
  • Monitor your website and prevent hacker's attack.

Sitechecker: An Innovative Website Checker That Meets All Your SEO Needs

You’ve got a great content strategy with the best keyword usage. Everyone loves your content but doesn’t have the time to waste on your website- it takes an eternity to load a webpage. We think your website needs a visit to the doctor.

The first step to having a healthy website is to run regular checks on your site. And to achieve that, you would need a tested and trusted web checker with proven years of results. 

Sitechecker: An Innovative Website Checker That Meets all Your SEO Needs

That would be no other tool than Sitechecker. The smart web checker for everyone who needs a healthy website with the best SEO practices.

How Does Sitechecker Work?

Sitechecker is a tool that runs technical checks on your website. It makes use of an on-page SEO checker to run checks on your web pages, tags, images, links, and contents to make sure that you are applying the best SEO practices. It calculates your SEO score from time to time so you can be sure of your progress.

How Does Sitechecker Work?

Whether you’re running an agency or just checking your website, Sitecheker got you all covered. With the smart website SEO report, you can generate and send website reports to clients without stress. 

Use Sitechecker to monitor your website progress and boost your SEO score, and start ranking. Use our Sitechecker discount code and get a 10% discount on your purchase.

What Are The Features Of Sitechecker?

Sitechecker is power-packed with the following features to keep your website in good shape and boost your SEO score.

On-page SEO Checker: Run real-time checks on your webpages, descriptions, tags, meta title, URLs, contents, etc. Gain insights on how to improve your ranking. Boost your website performance and accelerate your website load speed.

SEO Report: Crawl your website for loopholes on your SEO practices; detect broken links, perform a general audit on your website, analyze anchors, external and internal links, audit meta tags and internal page ranks and send reports to your clients.

Website Monitor: Use Sitechecker to track and analyze changes on your website, detect indexing issues on your landing pages, check backlinks, and compare changes between your pages and SERP rankings.

Traffic Checker: Track the amount of traffic that your website generates and know when it improves or drops. Find out the web pages they are most interested in and create similar content to drive more traffic.

Rank Tracker: Use Sitechecker to calculate your SEO score, track your ranking on various search engines, and gain insights on how to improve your ranking.

What Are The Benefits of Sitechecker? 

Use Sitechecker to enjoy the following amazing benefits and a lot more!

  • Easy navigation: Sitechecker provides an intuitive dashboard that makes navigation easy. It also provides detailed instructions and guides on how to use each of the functionalities.

What Are The Benefits of Sitechecker? 

  • Unique SEO monitoring: Use Sitechecker’s all-in-one platform to carry out a comprehensive audit and SEO monitoring for your specific web pages and the entire website.
  • Improve Content Strategy: Save hours of guesswork using Sitechecker to spy on your competitor’s content strategy, gain insights on their keyword usage, and find out how their contents rank.
  • Improve Site Visibility: Sitechecker gives you insights on the best SEO practices to help you reduce bounce rates on your website to the barest minimum. Improve your website speed, boost your rank, and get found on search engines without much ado.

Remember to use our Sitechecker discount coupon to get this amazing tool and enjoy a 10% discount on your purchase.

How to Use Sitechecker:

Step 1: Use our Sitechecker discount deal to sign up on their website.

Step 2: Provide your website URL to register and get a free website audit.

Step 3: You will be redirected to your dashboard at the end of the crawl.

Step 4: Upgrade your plan to gain access to all the exclusive features.

  • testimonial user
    Very helpful, brought several problems to my attention that I had not considered. Also good that suggestions are available to fix issues. I will be using this on each website I develop. Thanks
    Charles Marks
  • testimonial user
    Really great tool. I am usually a bit skeptical regarding SEO audit tools but this one I started to use regularly. It covers all important SEO elements, it's fast and user friendly.
    Aleksandar Ratković
  • testimonial user
    The Sitechecker site was very helpful, it brought several problems to my attention speed and broken links etc. Also its good that it suggests fixes for most of my site issues
    Alan Hoggin
Offer by Sitechecker
20% Off Sitechecker Pro
Love this dealSave it for later!

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