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  • Keyword research with advanced filter options
  • Competition analysis with keyword difficulty checker
  • Rank tracking with precision and regular updates
  • Affordable pricing with plans suited to your needs

Keysearch – Your Affordable Keyword Research Tool

Do you know that less than ΒΌ of searchers check the second page of search results? With this stat, you know it is essential to have your site on the first page of search results. How do you achieve this feat, though? The answer is keyword research.

However, you need the right tools to know low competition keywords in your niche that will put you at the top of search results. You might have assumed that these tools would be expensive. Well, you would be right, but we bring you an exception.

Keysearch – Your Affordable Keyword Research Tool

Keysearch is one of the most affordable tools in the market that helps you do keyword research. The tool has features that will help you achieve your aim of ranking high on Google search results. Learn more about it here.

How Does Keysearch Work?

Keysearch does more than keyword research; it provides all you need for SEO. You get the right keywords, competitor analysis, and rank intelligence. The tool is web-based. Therefore, you don’t have to install any plugin.

How Does Keysearch Work?

You can check how difficult ranking the keyword with the Difficulty Checker. Keysearch also provides suggestions for ranking with options like search volume and CPC. Do you want to know more about the full suite of features that Keysearch has? You can check out the highlights below.

What Are The Features of Keysearch?

Keysearch allows you to do more than search for keywords. It is equipped with enough features to give you the best of SEO. Some of these features are:

Keyword Research. Keysearch helps you find relevant keywords in your niche. You type in a seed keyword, and you would get hundreds of results with details like their search volume and CPC or PPC data. You can streamline the results you get with filters like related keywords. There are also advanced filter options with a YouTube research section.

What Are The Features of Keysearch?

Competition Analysis. You understand how well you compete in your niche with Keysearch. With the single number keyword difficulty and first-page search results for each keyword, you can know keywords you can easily use. You can also check multiple keywords in the bulk difficulty checker. The in-depth analysis feature gives you greater insight into how Google algorithm works.

Rank Tracking and Intelligence. Keysearch automatically tracks your ranking. You can find your exact location on Google. It also allows you to create reports and get updates. You can also research backlinks and spy on your competitors’ backlinks. The content assistant tool helps you determine the type of content Google is looking for on the first page.

You can see that Keysearch is more than just a keyword search tool. More than only the incredibly useful tools, you also get the advantage of using our Keysearch discount deals to use it at a fabulous price. Keysearch also offers more, as you will see in the benefits highlighted.

What Are The Benefits of Keysearch?

Keysearch gives you all you need for your SEO strategy to work. Beyond the featured tools, there are also specific benefits to choosing Keysearch.

What Are The Benefits of Keysearch?

Some of these benefits are:

  • Knowledgeable, friendly support at all times
  • In-depth video tutorials on everything you need to understand
  • Regular updates with new features and maintenance
  • Built by professional SEO experts with reliable skills
  • Tested and trusted by real users all over the world
  • Free access with tools that help you test out the platform

You can see that Keysearch is worth the price. When you apply our fabulous Keysearch discount coupons to it, you will get getting more for the cost of less. Ready to subscribe? Let’s teach you the basics of how to use Keysearch.

How to Use Keysearch:

Experts built Keysearch with the needs of real users of SEO in mind. The tool was designed with your ease in mind. When you subscribe, ensure you use our Keysearch discount codes to get 20% off the price.

After you have subscribed to the plan you want, follow these steps to do keyword analysis with Keysearch.

Step 1: Type a seed keyword into the keyword search bar.

Step 2: Choose a location or leave it at all locations.

Step 3: Click on ‘return.’ You can also use the filter options.

Step 4: You can sort out the results from the largest at the top.

Offer by Keysearch
20% Off annual plans at Keysearch
Love this dealSave it for later!

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