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  • Analyse and gauge the best keywords for optimal SEO results
  • Analyse domain-based metrics and website insights to keep track and stay on top of everything
  • Assess and survey your competitors' rankings to help you better determine the top keywords.
  • Compile comprehensive data and metrics so that you can efficiently track your website's general progress.

Mangools – Your Ultimate SEO Tools Suite

You need to stand out and rank high! It’s a long, dark pitfall if you are poorly represented on the internet. Whether you own a website, blog, or online store, you need SEO to help you direct free targeted traffic from search engines to you.

Mangools - Your Ultimate SEO Tools Suite

Mangools is a juicy bundle of five elementary but powerful SEO tools that will give you the perfect SEO dynamic to generate the best traffic.

How Does Mangools Work?

Mangools is an SEO software suite, and toolset made up of five different SEO tools, referred to as “apps.” The first app in the suite is KWFinder. This powerful tool helps you assess and analyse your competitors’ rankings for top keywords. It was created to find hundreds of keywords with the lowest SEO difficulty with search results for more than 50k locations for maximum optimisation. 

How Does Mangools Work?

The SERPChecker is the second Mangools app. This Google SERP analysis tool helps you to estimate SERP positions, identify the Google SERP features, and analyse your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses while allowing you to compare your website with theirs. 

The SERPWatcher is an SEO rank tracker that helps you compile overall data to track general progress efficiently. The Mangools LinkMiner is a gift to you. Nothing improves SEO prowess better than an excellent backlink checker. With LinkMiner, you get a seamless backlink checker to trace the backlinks your competitors use and gather information from them.

The fifth and final Mangools app, the SiteProfiler provides all the domain-based analysis metrics and website insights you need neatly organised and compiled in one screen! You can have it and more with our incredible discount codes!

What Are the Features of Mangools?

Being an excellent and comprehensive toolset designed to make you the best, Mangools has an impressive arsenal of features created to solve your problems. These include:

What Are the Features of Mangools?

  1. Import: This feature allows you to import your list of keywords to obtain precise search volumes, PPC and CPC metrics for hundreds of keywords with only a single sweep.
  2. Search by domain: If you ever find yourself unsure how to get started, all you have to do is type in your competitor’s domain, and voila! You will get the top keywords they already rank for. 
  3. Evaluate keywords: The evaluate feature allows you to gauge keyword ideas with one of the most error-free keyword difficulty metrics on the market. 
  4. SERP scan: For every single keyword you analyse, this feature can help you Scan local SERP and fish out search intent to understand your competitors better.
  5. Search trend analysis: For every keyword you analyse, you can assess its search trend for up to 12 months back with exact search ranges and volumes.
  6. Save: Don’t have the time to digest and sort out all your findings? No problem. The save feature allows you to keep the best keywords and organise them into lists for later.
  7. Export: When you are done researching, you can easily export all your research to .csv file for further processing. These features are amazing, and you can start to enjoy them using our Mangools discount coupons.

What Are the Benefits of Mangools?

Mangools has very quickly and easily become a favourite among many people. The benefits of this software suite include:

  • Easy to use: Nothing throws off a user more than difficult, tacky, and hard-to-comprehend software and UI. Mangools avoids this with its straightforward system, and you do not have to be a software or tech genius to achieve great results. 

What Are the Benefits of Mangools?

  • Excellent Customer Support: Ever run into a little hitch? No problem. The Mangoolers, as they are called, are everyday SEO users, instead of random outsourced support agents, to help with whatever you need.
  • It works!: Nothing seals the lid on a great offer better than reassurance that it works! Mangools might not be a mega all-in-one SEO wizarding tool, but it does give you all the features you need and then some.

How to Use Mangools:

Step 1: Use our Mangools discount deal to sign up and log in to Mangools.  

Step 2: After logging in, you can get started with the keyword finder, exploring all the possible features and the excellent UI.

Step 3: After enjoying all that KWFinder has to offer, you can go on to get a detailed SERP analysis for each keyword with SERPChecker.

Step 4: Track search engine rankings for keywords with the SERPWatcher.

Step 5: Exploit the LinkMiner and SitepRofiler to your heart’s content.

Step 6: Save your research for later or export for further processing.

Offer by Mangools
10% Off Mangools
Love this dealSave it for later!

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