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10% Off all plans at LINKCheetah

Get 10% Off all plans at LINKCheetah

  • Web-based backlink monitoring application.
  • Analyze and see how well the links are working to rank your website on SERP’s
  • Manage the backlinks of more than one website
  • Monitor your anchor texts and see how well they perform

LINKCheetah – Manage Your Backlinks Like a Boss

What is SEO without backlinks? Google mostly understands the credibility of a web page based on the number of backlinks it receives. Therefore, to have a successful SEO campaign, you must have a strong strategy on how to manage your backlinks.

Many tools manage backlinks but are inadequate on other SEO functions. LINKCheetah does much better by integrating other necessary features as a backlink management tool.

LINKCheetah - Manage Your Backlinks Like a Boss

We’ve made it cheaper for you to start with any plan on LINKCheetah by using our LINKCheetah discount codes, be sure to check it out. However, let’s move on to see how LINKCheetah works and how much it has to offer as an SEO tool.

How Does LINKCheetah Work?

LINKCheetah is a web-based SEO application that’s primarily useful to monitor and manage your backlinks.

Just like every SEO tool, LINKCheetah aims at improving traffic to your website organically by meeting all the standards Google needs to rank the website as high as possible on the Search Engine Result pages. Therefore, LINKCheetah doesn’t get the backlinks for you. Your input is actively needed. However, it’ll help you to keep an overview of the various backlinks to your website.

So, you can monitor, analyze and see how well the links are working to rank your website on SERP’s.

How Does LINKCheetah work?

LINKCheetah enhances your organic SEO input and helps you to take care of every little detail related to link building. You can’t afford not having this tool in your SEO arsenal. Get started with some percentage discounts on any of their plans with our LINKCheetah discount coupons .

What Are The Features Of LINKCheetah?

Like we said earlier, LINKCheetah has the edge over most backlink management tools because it has other useful SEO features.

What are the features of LINKCheetah?

It’s main features include:

Link overview: This gives you a full look at your present backlink status.

Link distribution: Monitor the number of backlinks per webpages you have on your website. You can know which pages have the most backlinks and those that don’t

Bad links removal: LINKCheetah suggests to you those backlinks that are spammy and not doing any good to your webpage rank.

Google Index Check: You can verify whether your backlinks are being acknowledged by Google to help your website rank.

Anchor text distribution: You can monitor your anchor texts and see how well they are used on your website

Easily track changes: Whenever there’s a modification in any backlinks, LINKCheetah notifies you.

Manage multiple websites: You can use LINKCheetah to manage the backlinks of more than one website

Auto-import backlinks: Whenever there’s a new backlink to your website, LINKCheetah automatically adds it to the current list.

Dofollow/no follow: LINKCheetah lets you know whether a backlink is dofollow or nofollow.

Faster insights: You get analytics of your backlink profile instantly.

Update every 24hrs: All your backlink details are synchronized every day.

LINKCheetah is definitely worth your investment for excellent backlink management.

What Are The Benefits Of LINKCheetah?

  • It gives you an adequate insight into all the full backlink profile of your website, thereby helping in your strategy and decisions

What are the Benefits of LINKCheetah?

  • Improved SEO for your websites, thereby increasing the traffic to your site.
  • You also enjoy other features like SEO auditing and keyword tracking.

How To Use LINKCheetah:

Step 1: Signup and create a free account on the LINKCheetah website.

Step 2: You can choose to start with the 14-day free trial or with one of their paid plans. Get good discounts on any of their plans with our LINKCheetah discount codes .

Step 3: Add the website(s) you want to monitor on the LINKCheetah software

Step 4: You can start watching your backlinks.

Step 5: Click the overview button to get a broad view of your backlinks

Step 6: Click the pages button to see how the backlinks distribute over your webpages

Step 7: The changes button allows you to monitor the link changes on your website

Step 8: The Anchor text button will enable you to watch anchor words and how they are used through your website

10% Off all plans at LINKCheetah

Get 10% Off all plans at LINKCheetah

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