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Deal Overview
  • Universal Page Importer imports any page with just the URL
  • Quick configuring of trackers with direct integration
  • Easy Spilt Testing using one-click page duplicator
  • Unlimited cloud hosting with no extra fees.

LanderBolt – The Fastest Landing Pages Ever

Landing pages are a must-have for every online marketer. You want to cut the time your customers and prospects spend on needless clicking and generate leads faster. However, you do not want to pay the cost or go through the trouble of having a web developer create multiple landing pages for your business. LanderBolt is the solution.

LanderBolt – The Fastest Landing Pages Ever

LanderBolt is an affordable landing page building, hosting, editing, and split-testing platform. This platform helps you build the fastest landing pages with unlimited sub-domains. You do not need to have coding skills or design experience to create a beautiful landing page with a unique URL.

How Does LanderBolt Work?

LanderBolt is the all-in-one solution to landing page issues faced by users of landing pages. The landing pages built on LanderBolt are lightning quick because of the fast servers on which they are hosted. With servers located all over the world, wherever your pages are clicked, you can be assured that your pages will load quickly.

How Does LanderBolt Work?

You might already have a landing page that works for you, but you would like to edit some of its features, LanderBolt page editor allows you to edit the content, images, colors, fonts, and design of your landing pages. With the one-click buttons, you can import your landing page, edit it, and publish within minutes.

What Are The Features Of LanderBolt?

LanderBolt is more than just every other landing page creation platform. This platform delivers something extra, and you can enjoy its helpful features at a great price by using our LanderBolt discount codes and coupons .

What Are The Features Of LanderBolt?

Some of the extra features you would enjoy on LanderBolt include:

Universal Page Importer: Ever seen a landing page that you just wished you could import and customize as yours? Well, LanderBolt allows you to import any page you like using the Universal Page Importer that only requires the URL of the page.

Once you import the page, it is automatically cleaned to erase malicious codes and optimized for speed. After this, you have to download a ZIP, edit the page with your content, and you can publish it on your domain.

Tracker Integration: LanderBolt’s tracker integrations save you a lot of time and thinking. With one click, you can configure your landing pages to your tracker and changes made are automatically synchronized. LanderBlot supports integrations with trackers like Voluum, RedTrack, ThriveTracker, FunnelFlux, and much more.

Javascript Monetization: LanderBolt has simplified the process of adding ROI-boosting scripts to your landing pages. You can add an entry pop-up, a back button redirector, or a timed page redirector to your webpage(s) by clicking on a button. The options of adding your custom scripts and pixels are also included.

Split Testing: You can use the very best version of your landing pages by passing them through split testing. LanderBolt page duplicator can help you create another version of your landing page with just one click.

What Are The Benefits Of LanderBolt? 

Our money-saving LanderBolt discount codes and deals are not the only benefits you can enjoy by choosing LanderBolt. There are a lot of benefits that you stand to gain.

What Are The Benefits Of LanderBolt? 

Some of them are:

  • Unlimited cloud hosting with no server bandwidth or overage fees. You also get unlimited page visits.
  • Live chat support for all your needs, giving you help at every step of your landing page development.
  • Landing page creation, hosting, importing at an unbeatably affordable price. Our 20% off the first-month LanderBolt discount deal is a bonus.
  • Real-time editing of your landing pages with changes effected immediately.
  • Proven responsive templates that save you the time of building from the scratch
  • Thirty days money-back guarantee that lets you confidently use this platform.
  • Easy form creation that helps you gather the demographics

How To Use LanderBolt:

From signing up to making use of all the features of LanderBolt, you would find all that LanderBolt is easy to use platform.

Step 1: To start, you have to fill your email and choose a password. You will then get an email with a link for the confirmation of the opening of your account.

Step 2: Once your account is confirmed, you fill in your payment details and choose the payment plan you want.

Step 3: You have the choice of one of two plans; LanderBolt Pro and LanderBolt Agency. Our LanderBolt discount codes can be used to get an affordable price. After payment, you are ready to start creating.

  • testimonial user
    I did all setup including domain purchase in about five minutes. I used the Universal Page Import and it worked like a charm. The imported page works and converts. LanderBolt is amazingI
    Vlad Zhovtenko
  • testimonial user
    Landerbolt is the the best landing page builder that I have used and have used Leadpages, Clickfunnels and others. It has the fastest loading time and the technical support is excellent. I highly recommend them.
    Chun Leung
  • testimonial user
    Speed is everything in the 24 / 7 world of internet and mobile marketing. If you’re like me and have a Need for Speed, then you'll want to be using LanderBolt. Access to their landing page templates and scripts alone is worth the price but throw in the automation with AdPlexity and the party is ready to start. If you want to ramp up your workflow to get your landing pages into the market quickly, give this a try!​
    Roxy Rosen
Offer by LanderBolt
20% Off First Month at LanderBolt
Love this dealSave it for later!

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