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  • Simple sales funnel creation with one click using Mango visualizer
  • Smooth integration with Stripe regardless of the plan
  • Unbeatable affordable prices for growing businesses
  • 1-Click upsells for maximum sales

MoreMango – Sell On WordPress Without Stress

You have a WordPress site that you use to publish content about your business. However, you don’t use any plugins to convert visitors to your site to customers. Well, you are not making good use of your resources.

Since the 2000s, plugins have helped business owners make the most use of their WordPress sites. In 15 minutes or less, you can create a sales funnel that generates thousands of leads and conversions for your business. 

We have picked out the easiest and most affordable with details on how it works below.

How Does Mango Work?

Mango is a WordPress plugin that helps you convert visitors to your site to sales without the stress of creating a landing page. This tool allows you to create sales funnels with 1-click upsells. Mango is integrated with Stripe allowing you to get paid and get customers to subscribe to your service. 

This tool works well with any WordPress site. Our amazing Mango discount deals will also get you started at an affordable price. All the features on this tool are useful with optimal functionality. We have highlighted some of them.

What Are The Features Of Mango?

Mango is not like other software cloaked in numerous features that do not help you in any way. You will find the features in Mango useful for all your sales funnel needs. Here are the main features:

Sales Funnel Creation. Mango sales funnel visualizer helps you create sales funnel without stress. It doesn’t matter if you have more than one product and you want different sales funnels for each. You get access to the easy creation of an infinite number of funnels.

1-Click Upsells. Mango allows you to increase the order value of your products by as much as 10%-30%. These upsell help you sell more than the average seller using WordPress.

Subscription and Products Sales. Whether you want to sell digital products requiring subscriptions or physical goods in a one-time payment, you can sell all using Mango. Our Mango discount coupons give you an incredible discount to get started.

Payment with Stripe. Do you already have a Stripe account where customers pay you? That is not a problem with Mango. With one click, you can integrate with Stripe regardless of the plan you are on.

Are you wondering what makes this plugin different from others? We asked about that, too, and found the benefits of using Mango.

What Are The Benefits Of Mango?

Like the juicy fruit of their name, Mango has some fascinating benefits. We have highlighted some of them.

  • Lower Costs

You are a growing business, but you need to make the best of your sales funnel. Then, you need Mango. Save up to $3,000 per year using Mango. When you add up our Mango discount codes, you have an irresistible offer with this tool.

  • No Tutorials Necessary

You don’t have to go through 100s of tutorials to understand how to use this plugin. In simple steps and basic knowledge of how sales funnels work, you can set in up and running in minutes.

  • Super Functional

Mango has all the functions you need to get your sales funnel up and running without the extra that you don’t need or know how to use. All the features are designed to work effectively and efficiently.

We know you can’t wait to get started. Let’s get you started. It is as easy as ABC.

How To Use Mango: 

Mango promises ease, and it is delivered in these simple steps.

Step 1: Register with your name and email address after clicking on the free trial button on the website.

Step 2: Select the plan that best suits your business depending on the number of sites you have and whether you want to pay monthly or yearly.

Step 3: Input your credit card details for automatic payment for your plan once the trial ends.

Step 4: Create your first sales funnel using Mango.

Offer by Moremango
20% Off at Moremango
Love this dealSave it for later!

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