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  • Get the whole sales funnel of your competitor with a single click.
  • Access to webinars to keep you updated on how to win your competitors.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Excellent lead generation sequence.

Funnelspy – The Unique Funnel Research Software

Competition in e-commerce today is on the high rise because of the numerous start-ups we see every day. Business owners are always coming up with new ideas that will help boost their sales. Newbies and pros alike are not relenting in their quest to maintain relevance in the e-commerce business. 

However, there is a way to be updated on the latest market strategies of your competitors. A sales funnel research tool is the best way to spy on your competitor’s monetization and market strategy ethically. You might be confused about choosing the best sales research tool for the job done. 

Funnelspy - The Unique Funnel Research Software

Funnelspy is one of the best user-friendly funnel research software designed with your competition in mind. This review covers how the software works, its features, benefits, and how to use the software.

How Does FunnelSpy Works?

FunnelSpy is a software that helps you to spy on any hidden pages for any sort of funnels. It let you spy on your competitor’s web pages for the valuable data you need. It uses intelligent features that make sourcing for data as easy as possible.

How Does FunnelSpy Works?

You no longer have to spend your cash in buying your competitor’s products to get an insight into their strategies. With FunnelSpy, you get to know precisely how their funnels look. It also helps you to run an unlimited search with one click. With the software, information like your competitor’s sales page, one-time payment, up-sell, etc. is at your disposal.

What Are The Features Of FunnelSpy?

FunnelSpy offers impressive features that will help you get the optimum satisfaction from your funnel research. These are the features you get to enjoy, coupled with our mouth-watering FunnelSpy discount deals.  

Sales Funnel. This feature allows you to use the URL of a sales page to peep into the back-end of the needed information. Scouting your competitor’s down-sells and up-sells has been made easier with this tool. Get the whole sales funnel of your competitor with a single click.

What Are The Features Of FunnelSpy?

Access to webinars. This feature allows you to access the webinar layout of other businesses. It will also help you to know the type of software they are using. Information like their webinar replies, registrations, follow-ups, thank you emails, and many more are now at your fingertips. It will let you know the webinar strategies that work and how you can improve on them.

Lead generation sequence. With this feature, you don’t need to worry about where a lead goes because it will reveal it to you. You can do so by copying and pasting the link URL in the software search bar menu and clicking the link to be directed to the source. 

Coaching and consulting feature. This feature will show you the full development of your competitor’s coaching and consulting sales. You will be able to see their application and target audience too.

What Are The Benefits Of FunnelSpy?

Coupled with our amazing FunnelSpy discount codes and coupons, you get to enjoy the following can’t-miss benefits. 

  • Run unlimited searches into your competitor’s sales funnel just with one click.
  • It helps you to get the necessary information about the market and monetization strategies of your competitor without any hassle. 

What Are The Benefits Of FunnelSpy?

  • FunnelSpy always keeps you updated on any future updates and enhancements. It is an unlimited feature that you don’t want to miss.
  • User-friendly interface that lets you create as many projects as you want at any point in time.

How To Use FunnelSpy:

FunnelSpy designed with a user-friendly interface makes for perfect user experience. Follow the following guidelines to start using the software.

Step 1: Log in to the site at

Step 2: You will see two options, which are personal license, and outsource license. Click on the type you would like to buy.

Step 3: Input the required fields to and click on complete purchase to start using it.

Step 4: Copy and paste your competitor’s URL into the program. You will see the results.

Offer by FunnelSpy
$20 Off FunnelSpy
Love this dealSave it for later!

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