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Deal Overview
  • Easy-to-use spy software that can help you monitor and be a step ahead of your rivals.
  • Get access to a wide range of data from all over the world.
  • A reliable customer support service to assist when needed.
  • View, analyze and download the best landing sites used by your rivals.

AdPeriscope: A Sure Way to Dominate The Adult Internet Niche  

Imagine you knew your competitor’s business strategies, ads pattern and template, and more. You’ll have so much information at your hand, in addition to your own insight, that you can change the face of your online business.  Here’s a tool that can do all of that.

AdPeriscope - A Sure Way to Dominate The Adult Internet Niche  

AdPeriscope is an ad spy tool developed to spy on adult internet websites. Using this tool, users can unveil steps to take in designing a better business strategy in other to achieve a profitable adult advert campaign. AdPeriscope is cost-effective, easy to use, and sure to deliver more than expected.

How Does AdPeriscope Work?

AdPeriscope works with ready-to-use information necessary for you to successfully keep a tab on your rivals. With AdPeriscope, you can spy on the statistics, data traffic, and metrics used for ad campaigns of competitors to boost your ROI. AdPeriscope allows you to identify top advert campaigns with the highest users. 

How Does AdPeriscope Work?

You can then use this information to develop a creative ad campaign. This software makes use of :

  • Data from over 56 countries like Japan, America, e.t.c 
  • major adult ad networks like Traffic Stars and EroAdvertising etc
  • 3G/4G data from over 250 carriers, landing download and deployment tools, 

and many more, to deliver a perfect job.

What Are The Features Of AdPeriscope?

Packed in AdPeriscope are excellent ads-spying features that you can enjoy at 20% off by using our AdPeriscope discount coupons. Here is a sneak peek of some AdPeriscope features:

What Are The Features Of AdPeriscope?

Simple and advanced search. The native search engine makes it possible to access the most extensive banner inventory. You can search for ads using keywords and banner peculiar to a particular advert to make spying easy. 

If you are not satisfied with a simple search, the advanced search feature which uses a Boolean query builder is available to find a more precise result.

Automatic filter. AdPeriscope filters your data by carriers, types of device, specific location of a particular advertiser, ad networks in your niche, and language to narrow down competitors for easy spying.

List of publishers. AdPeriscope Provides precise information from different publisher sites that run ad campaigns to advertisers and picks out those with the highest ROI. 

Multiple sorting options. This feature helps you sort out your collected data by ad performance, strength, and duration. You can also sort out data by the Alexa ranking of the landing page, which you can download and use personally.

Creative. Analyze various successful creatives currently used by advertisers for an ad campaign. Then create your campaign to increase the statistics of your own business, based on what works for them and what doesn’t.

What Are The Benefits of AdPeriscope?

As efficient as this excellent tool is, it is cost-effective, and our AdPeriscope discount deals are available to get you started at a reduced price.

  • You can download, edit, and deploy any landing page within AdPeriscope for a particular campaign of your choice. You can upload it directly to your server or download it to your PC for later use. You can use the AdPeriscope WYSIWYG editor for your desired modification.
  • Advance alert: You will be immediately notified anytime your competitors launch a new advert. 

What Are The Benefits of AdPeriscope?

  • There is a reliable customer support service to guide you if you face a challenge.

How To Use AdPeriscope:

Here are a few steps to take to have access to one of the best spy tools on the market

Step 1: Sign up using your social media profile (Facebook, LinkedIn) and fill in your website details. Don’t forget to use our AdPeriscope discount coupon here. 

Step 2: Use the simple and advanced search tool to find and download ads of your choice 

Step 3: View, analyze, and download the best landing sites used by your rivals.

Step 4: Browse the most successful ad campaigns with high ROI.

Explore info gathered from publishers who run data for advertisers and many more.

Offer by AdPeriscope
20% Off at AdPeriscope
Love this dealSave it for later!

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