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30 Days Free Trial at Woodpecker
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  • Automated batch emailing and follow-up schedule.
  • Deep personalization using customization fields and snippets.
  • Team view and collaboration.
  • Synchronized integrations with 150+ apps (using Pie sync) and 500+ apps (using Zapier)

WOODPECKER – Your Cold Email & Follow-Up Marketing Software

As a business owner, ever wondered how you could send out automated email updates to your business subscribers, potential clients effortlessly with cold emails included?

Woodpecker answers that question and more. Its primary goal as a top-notch email marketing software is to help drive your business in a way that would have you generating more revenue, leads, saving on cost and time via its automated features on email campaigns while giving you an update on your business statistics captured.

Woodpecker is a cold email and follow-up automation software that connects small and medium B2B to their ideal clients. Its support spans 67 countries.

Let’s find out more about how Woodpecker does all the work for you.

How Does Woodpecker Work?

This cold email and lead generation software helps B2B companies as yours contact prospects with a cold email and two follow-ups each to get new clients, saving your time to do what you do best; close up deals and generating predictable revenue.

How Does UpLead Work?

Woodpecker helps you and your team personalize and automate email campaigns, share a prospect database, saving you the work of having to email each person and sending follow-ups. It detects replies for your leads, enables the scheduling of emails and follow-ups, monitors the stats of your campaigns (open rate, reply rate, and click rate), enables integrations with several emails and more.

It clears all doubts with its 14 days free trial on its startup and team pro plans with access to all its features, till you reach 150 emails, after which your campaigns are paused for you to select a pricing plan. Meanwhile, you will have access to your campaign stats. The starting price on its pricing plans (StartUp, Team Pro, Enterprise) is $40/month and $396 annually, with the freedom to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel anytime.

You can also make use of our Woodpecker discount coupons on your upgrades to any of the paid plans to save costs.

What Are The Features Of Woodpecker?

What Are The Features Of UpLead

Follow-up automation: This allows you send out automated inbound and outbound follow-ups, send emails in a single thread for each prospect, schedule a sequence up in your campaign and automate reply detections.

Human-like replies: This mimics the human emotion added to emails sent manually.

Email throttling algorithms: This prevents email spamming.

Integrations with emails (Gmail, Office 365, Exchange and other IMAPs) and Zapier.

Custom field and snippets: This personalizes your emails and follow-ups by merging your contact information into your templates.

Teamwork: Using database prospect share, your team can work on the same prospects without wondering if a prospect has been earlier contacted.

Statistics capture, which helps optimize your campaign.

Organization: Have your campaigns organized in one flow with one-click access to your client’s campaigns.

Safety: Identify prospects by segments as contacted, replied, auto-replied, blacklisted, invalid, and bound.

What Are The Benefits Of Woodpecker?

  • Anti-spam filters: Your emails sent irregularly using the email throttling algorithm feature to prevent it from appearing as spam.
  • Your deliverability rate increases with the personalization of your emails.

What Are The Features Of UpLead

  • It improves and maintains an excellent reputation for you: Woodpecker uses its soft and hard bounce rate feature to prevent your emails from being blacklisted.
  • Saves time: This becomes easily possible with automatically sending emails and follow-us to your different prospects at a time.
  • It helps increase your coverage with prospects as you generate leads.
  • It helps increase your reply rates because emails won’t be sent twice to a single prospect.
  • Notifications: You get notifications on your prospect’s activities (click rates, bounce rates, and more) with sets you at the top of your game.

How To Use Woodpecker:

UpLead – All The Leads You Can Manage

Step 1: Create a free Woodpecker account with no credit card required. Remember our Woodpecker discount code is available for your use.

Step 2: Login to set up your campaigns:

Step 3: Connect your email with Woodpecker.

Step 4: Select your email provider, automate your settings, and set your ‘From name and signature’.

Step 5: Set up your daily limit and delivery time.

Step 6: Add up your prospects to your campaigns.

Step 7: Preview and send out your campaigns.

Offer by Woodpecker
30 Days Free Trial at Woodpecker
Love this dealSave it for later!

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