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  • Extensive product database culled directly from Amazon catalogue
  • Built by experienced Amazon sellers for Amazon sellers
  • Supplier database for legitimate global suppliers
  • Free educational resources useful for all levels of sellers

Jungle Scout – Your All-in-one Guide To Becoming An Amazon Seller

Amazon is the world’s largest online marketplace. Therefore, it is not surprising that any entrepreneur will want a slice of the action. Third-party sellers on Amazon are, however, faced with several challenges. 

Jungle Scout is an all-in-one tool designed to help Amazon sellers from any point they are at in their Amazon journey. From product research to launch and beyond, this tool promises to grow your business at an incredible rate. Let’s look into how it all works.

How Does Jungle Scout Work?

Founded by Greg Mercer in 2015, Jungle Scout just helped Amazon sellers find products to sell. Today, the software provides a suite of Amazon seller tools that help entrepreneurs do more than find products to sell. 

The Jungle Scout team teaches, supports, and provides data to all Amazon sellers willing to join. The platform boasts of supporting over 200,000 entrepreneurs, tracking over 175 billion products, and assisting in the launch of over 200,000 products. 

The incredible features offered on Jungle Scout is the leading reason for these results. We have examined some of these features.

What Are The Features Of Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout has several useful features for an Amazon seller. These features will help you achieve your goals on Amazon. Our superb Jungle Scout discount codes help you do it at a discount.

Some of the features are:

Product Database. Jungle Scout has a product dataset with over 70 million products, which comes directly from the Amazon catalogue. Your research for products in your niche is more straightforward with their pre-set filter. You can also organize and explore later the products you find interesting.

Supplier Database. This feature of Jungle Scout is the first of its kind. It is one thing to know about the product you want to sell. It is another to find suppliers for the product. The database has legitimate global suppliers of several products. You also get to see the customer volume and confirmed shipments of the suppliers.

Keyword Scout. You can drive more traffic to your listings with the right keywords. Keyword scout will help you discover these keywords. All you need to do is type in a similar keyword or ASIN. This feature also enables you to improve your PPC campaigns.

Sales Analytics. This tool on Jungle Scout helps you organize and track your finances. You get to view your performance over a specific period, which would help you gain insights on how to reduce your costs and increase profits.

These features are just a few of the tools Jungle Scout offers for Amazon sellers. Are you wondering what more you can get from this platform? We have gathered all this information for you.

What Are The Benefits Of Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout has more to offer than you will get from other Amazon resources. Here are some of the reasons why Jungle Scout is much better, especially with our Jungle Scout discount coupons that give you an incredible discount.

  • Extensive product data analysis and redefinition that gives you the most accurate data you can get in the industry
  • Suitable for all Amazon sellers, whether a beginner or knowledgeable seller.
  • Expert support and advice from experienced Amazon sellers 24/7/365
  • Helpful educational resources at no cost at all
  • Seamlessly integrated extension that makes your work easier

You can see that the Jungle Scout platform is a must-have for all Amazon sellers. Ready to join? Let’s show you how to use the platform.

How To Use Jungle Scout:

Jungle Scout is incredibly affordable. When you add the advantage of our sweet Jungle Scout discount deals that gets you up to 30% off the platform, you get an excellent price.

Step 1: The first step to take then is to sign up. You get 14 days of trial with a money-back guarantee.

Step 2: The next thing to do, especially if you are starting on Amazon is to research products in the niche you have chosen. The product database will help you in this step. 

Step 3: You should also read up and learn from the resources provided on the platform. If you encounter any challenges, you should always call on their support. You will get to grow your Amazon business faster with the proper use of this platform.

Offer by Jungle Scout
Jungle Scout
30% Off Jungle Scout
Love this dealSave it for later!

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