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30 days money back guarantee.

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  • Create campaigns that work and spend less time on Facebook Ads manager.
  • Generate leads, high flow of traffic and higher ROI with Connectio’s ad automation.
  • Create stellar ad campaigns without breaking the bank.
  • Reduce your costs per click and acquisition.

Connectautomate – The All-Time Best Facebook Marketing Tool

Anyone can run ads on Facebook. But not everyone can run an ad that resonates with Facebook users, drives engagement and generates a high ROI. 

The truth is, most Facebook users find ads intrusive and will readily block them off. That’s not all, Facebook constantly makes changes in their Ad manager and algorithm. And this makes it hard for advertisers to keep up with Facebook best ad strategies.

But there’s a way to cut these corners, automatically.

You get to save time that would have been spent on Facebook Ad manager, reduce your cost per clicks, get ahead of other top competitors and create stellar ad campaigns that drive sales without having to break the bank.

Connectautomate - The All-Time Best Facebook Marketing Tool 

Introducing Connectio’s ConnectAutomate – the all-time best Facebook Ad booster 

How Does Connectautomate Work

ConnectAutomate is a premium Facebook marketing tool that uses the power of automation to helps you create Ad campaigns that people will love and engage with. 

How Does Connectautomate Work

ConnectAutomate provides you with an Algorithm that helps you identify your best-performing posts, gives you insights on how to boost your presence and help you turn them into ad campaigns that drive sales. Because facebook aims to bring people closer, they give you lower ad spends if your ads generate conversations between friends and family.

This tool provides you with unlimited page connections, unlimited boost post rules, auto-targeting, auto-boost, auto-update features to help you gain full control of your ad campaigns and save time that would have been spent trying to figure out the tricks in Facebook Ad Manager.

You get to generate more sales, attract leads, enjoy higher ROI and grow your business with Ad automation at its best. And the best part? You can enjoy all these awesome features risk-free! 

How Does Connectautomate Work

Use our Connectio Discount Code to get started and enjoy a 30-Day money-back guarantee with the best Facebook Ad tool you will ever need. 

What Are the Features and Benefits of ConnectAutomate

ConnectAutomate is enriched with several fantastic features to help you create killer ad campaigns that will grow your business. And they are as follows:

  1. Integration: ConnectAutomate allows you to integrate with your favourite apps, so you don’t have to juggle different platforms to get the work done. 
  2. Intuitive Dashboard: Use ConnectAutomate and gain access to a user-friendly dashboard that guides you to any of the features you would want to use. Whether you want to connect to unlimited pages, filter post types or access your auto-log, ConnectAutomate has got you covered.
  3. Unlimited Boost Post Rules: ConnectAutomate allows you to go limitless with post boosts. There’s no restriction with how you want your posts to perform when you use ConnectAutomate.
  4. Automation: With ConnectAutomate, you get to enjoy automation at its best. The tool provides you with auto-boost, auto-update, auto-targeting and auto optimizing features to help you scale your Ad campaign strategies automatically., You save time, money and grow your business without stress.
  5. Create Dynamic Ad Sets Names: Whether you want to track your analytics or have someone track it for you. ConnectAutomate lets you create dynamic ad set names so that you can view your ad performance at a glance. You can also create Set & Forget Rules which gives ConnectAudience insights on what to look out for when promoting your ads to a target audience.
  6. Risk-Free Investment: ConnectAutomate offers you a 30-days money-back guarantee should you use their product without getting your desired results. However, you can trust that ConnectAutomate will go the extra miles to skyrocket your ad spendings and help you grow your business. 

What Are the Features and Benefits of ConnectAutomate

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Other Products From Connectio

Asides ConnectAutomate, Connectio offers the following product to make Facebook Advertising easy, smart and rewarding and they are as follows:

  • ConnectAudience: This product gives you insights into the pain points of your target audience and helps you create the best ad campaigns that will make your business grow. You don’t have to deal with trials and errors when running ads anymore. 
  • ConnectRetarget: This tool lets you gain insights into your target audience’s buyer persona. You can now run hyper-retargeted ads that they can’t resist. ConnectRetarget helps you get more clicks and increases your ROI on Facebook ads.
  • ConnectLeads: ConnectLeads helps you to manage your communication with your leads from Facebook ad clicks, nurture them till they convert, take charge of every sales opportunity that comes your way and grow your business without stress.
  • ConnectExplore: Use ConnectExplore to discover hot trends on Facebook, find hidden audiences and tailor your ads to target them in split seconds. ConnectExplore helps you to gain an advantage over your competitors.

Overall Solution Summary

ConnectAutomate is software that helps you gain full control of your Facebook ads by helping you identify posts that users love, saves you time that would have been spent on Facebook ad manager, reduces your cost per click and helps you increase your ROI.

How To Use ConnectAutomate:

Step 1: Use our Discount Deal to claim your 30-days money-back guarantee and gain access to Connectio’s website. Then provide your personal and card details to create an account and gain full access to your ConnectAutomate dashboard. 

Step 2: Use ConnectAutomate to identify your best engaging contents, gain insights on the type of contents your target audience wants to see, connect unlimited pages and create killer ad campaigns that work.

Step 3: Put your ad boost on autopilot with ConnectAutomate’s automation tools, reach a wider audience, create more engagement with your target audience, reduce ad spend and drive sales and blast your earnings with a high ROI.

  • testimonial user
    “I can honestly say that without the Connectio products, I wouldn’t be able to do what I do with Facebook Ads. I use it almost on a daily basis! It’s very simple and easy to use, and Wilco keeps it updated. If something changes within the platform, they’re right on top of it. Highly recommended!”
    Kate Saunders
  • testimonial user
    “The key thing that tripped me up over the years has been traffic generation. Getting into Facebook Ads has always been a challenge… until I came across Connectio. Another thing… I’ve been Wilco’s customer for years now and his customer support is fantastic. He’s a stayer. He’s been around for many years. If I have a question or I don’t know how to use it properly, I send them a message and they always help me out. His software is incredibly reliable, his support is always there and reliable as well.. and the key thing is, the software solves a REAL problem that I’m facing in my business."
    Nic Lucas
  • testimonial user
    “There are 3 main things that I love about the Connectio products: The most excited thing compared to other tools, is that they always create things that solve a real problem for marketers. The second thing that I love is how easy to use it is. It’s super user-friendly, and I really mean that. The third thing is the customer support. It’s fast, it’s professional and it’s marketing-centered. They are always there to help. I highly recommend to check it out because these tools… just work!”
    Benet M. Marcos
Offer by Connectio
30 Days Money Back at Connectio
Love this dealSave it for later!

Terms and Condition

30 days money back guarantee.

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