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  • Set up an appointment with ease, notwithstanding your business type
  • Skill-based routing feature, which ensures that you have the most appropriate agent inclined to your business type
  • Send out event-based messages to your customers, getting them informed on your new product offers, service, and programs.
  • Integrates easily with popular tools to make a smooth working process

BOOKAFY – Your Online Appointment Scheduling Software

In growing your business daily, a must-do task on your work-days involves making appointments either for you or your team. In scheduling your daily appointments and calls, a large percentage of your time is being sacrificed leaving you or your staff with little time for more relevant tasks ahead.

This is where Bookafy comes in. The software saves your business hours and goes further to enabling virtual booking of appointments, seamlessly. You get access to different kinds of scheduling based on your business and can synchronize the software with your favorite apps, make or process payments and do more.

BOOKAFY - Your Online Appointment Scheduling Software

Having sealed deals as the go-to online scheduling software across various businesses, the software is being used in diverse industries such as Financial Services, Real estate, Home services, Consulting, Non-profits, Recruiting and Human Resource, Freelancing and more.

Let’s find out how Bookafy attends to your concern for the time while saving you costs with its discount deals .

How Does Bookafy Work?

With Bookafy, you can set up an appointment with ease, notwithstanding your business type. The issue of being from a different time zone or speaking different languages is eliminated with its multilingual and time zone settings. Also, you get value for your time with the skill-based routing feature, which ensures that you have the most appropriate agent inclined with your business type, attend to your needs.

You get to have first-hand knowledge on how to use the software by the customer support team either in-person or online through webinars or documentation and also have 24/7 access to live representatives.

What Are The Features Of Bookafy?

Bookafy offers several appointment scheduling features: which ensure you get the best in time by offering setup support alongside providing you with a personalized URL if you do not have a website for your business.

Features of Bookafy

You can get your appointments and calls automated, contacts and appointments synchronized with MailChimp and your calendar respectively: With a customized booking button on your linked website, all your customers need to do, is click the button to schedule a call or meeting with you.

No need to go back and forth searching for specific appointments: you get a link for every appointment set up with the GoToMeeting feature and can share it with your team.

If you need to make or process payments, this is possible with or Stripe integrated into your website.

You can get across to your customers on various platforms such as conferences using Zoom and send customized SMS or email confirmations and reminders to your customers.

Using any device, your customers can schedule an appointment with you.

You can automate customer review requests or disable the feature at any time.

If you require downtime or impromptu lunch break between appointments, a buffer time can be implemented.

You can connect your activities in a 2-way synchronization with Google Outlook, Exchange & Office 365.

What Are The Benefits Of Bookafy?

  • Time-saving.
  • Dynamic URL: Based on a customer’s activity on your site, you can customize a URL specific for the appointment type that redirects them to different pages as a thank you page, fill a form page or a FAQ page.

Benefits of Bookafy

  • Intuitive user interface: No one hates a beautiful dashboard that gives them what they want/need. The Bookafy platform is easy to use and navigate through, with access to customize to your booking, call or demo buttons.
  • Group schedule: You can keep up with your staff activities, enabling order and easier staff management. Also, you can book multiple staff with one customer, or a single staff with multiple customers.
  • Payment Processing: You’re are offered robust payment processing avenues. With, only an API key is needed. While with Stripe, you only need to signup.
  • Integrations: Appointment data can be synced with Google calendar, Outlook calendar, Exchange, MailChimp, iCloud and more.
  • Automated alert and custom massages: You can send out event-based messages to your customers, getting them informed on your new product offers, service, and programs.

How To Use Bookafy:

Step 1: You need to first set up a free account on Bookafy.

Step 2: You could start with the free trial version after which you would need to select a plan. You could opt for the free plan or use our Bookafy discount coupons to save off the real cost.

How to Use Bookafy

Step 3: Log into your dashboards and make specific settings such as:

  • a staff member(s).
  • categories.
  • Business configurations.
  • Booking policies.
  • Customizing booking pages and operating hours.

Step 4: Integrate software into your website (using either iFrame, email or pop-up).

Offer by Bookafy
10% Off at Bookafy
Love this dealSave it for later!

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