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$20 Discount at ContentBurger
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  • Implement automatic citations. Get full content previews without intrusive ads.
  • Drag and drop embedded contents from 9 external sources.
  • Create and syndicate compelling SEO contents and post captions with the Content Burger A.I
  • Translate your contents into multiple languages and regions.

Content Burger: The Content Assistant That Helps You Turn Your Contents to a Gold Mine.

You’ve probably heard that “Content is King”. But that doesn’t mean, just any content.

You want to create great contents that would engage your reader’s emotions and make them feel like you picked those thoughts right off their mind. The last content you put up on your blog had only ten reads, and two comments from mum and dad.

Content Burger: The Content Assistant That Helps You Turn Your Contents to a Gold Mine.

But, Hey! You got this. You too, can create exciting contents that would bring you a large number of loyal readers and have people swarming all over your blog/website for more good reads. Or have the big brands wanting to work with you. And guess what that means- more money!

It’s time to step things up with Content Burger- The Smart Assistant for creating delicious contents.

How Does Content Burger Work?

Content Burger is an all-in-one AI assistant that helps you do all the heavy lifting in content creation and marketing. 

It provides smart content composer, real-time SEO analysis; keyword search and blog topic generator; an organised workspace for all your accounts; a content scheduler and a host of other essential tools to make content creation as easy as drinking water.

Content Burger helps you eliminate writer’s block during your downtimes and creates compelling captions for your posts with a Content Assistant you never knew you hired. You can discover topics, jump on hot trends, save drafts, automate your posts and integrate with your favourite workflows with a few clicks.

How Does Content Burger Work?

Use Content Burger to craft juicy contents, drive traffic, generate all the leads you want and start cashing out!

Remember to use our Content Burger discount deal to enjoy a 20% discount on the lifetime deal.

What Are The Features of Content Burger?

This software is packed up with the following features to help you create and publish contents without hassles.

Integration: Connect with already existing workflows, so you don’t have to juggle across multiple platforms to create, edit and publish your contents. You also have an organised workspace that lets you manage all your social accounts and websites from one convenient dashboard.

Smart composer: Use content burger AI to generate any post of your choice; create engaging blog posts, social media posts or design images and thumbnails. Use the content scheduler to save your posts and publish later.

Analytics: Use Content Burger to track your posts’ performance across different platforms. Discover the contents that do better and the posts that don’t. Gain insights with the Intelligent UTM and improve your social media strategy.

What Are The Features of Content Burger?

Content Assistant: Use content Burger to generate blog topic ideas, craft engaging contents and compelling post captions to keep your audience glued to your page. Create smart campaigns, and increase your ROI with the campaign manager. 

What Are The Benefits of Content Burger?

Use Content Burger to enjoy the following amazing benefits and so much more!

  • SEO: Get real-time on-page SEO analysis for your contents. Implement smart keyword usage and drive more organic traffic from search engines and shorten long links to improve SEO.
  • Eliminate writer’s block: Get inspiration and discover topics ideas, jump on hot trends, maintain consistency and save hashtags so you can generate traffic to your blog and social media pages.

What Are The Benefits of Content Burger?

  • Language Support: Content Burger provides support for multiple languages and regions. You no longer have to worry about readers who don’t speak your language.
  • In-depth training: Video training on how to use all Content Burger features. In addition to an intuitive dashboard and content wizard to guide you through.
  • Make more money: Use Content Burger to improve your writing skills and experience. Create a profitable social media agency, dominate medium and several freelance platforms and start cashing out.

How To Use Content Burger

Step 1: Use our Content Burger discount deal to sign up on their website and enjoy a 20% discount on your lifetime deal.

Step 2: Click on “Get Instant Access” to continue.

Step 3: Provide your email address and the coupon code to claim your discount.

Step 4: Provide your contact and payment details to purchase a plan.

Step 5: Set up your workspace and start making money from your contents.

Offer by ContentBurger
$20 Discount at ContentBurger
Love this dealSave it for later!

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