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  • Customizable design to fit your theme and business brand
  • Best user experience with the latest technology stack and design
  • Real-time analytics on interactive dashboards
  • Search booking interface

 Amelia – Your WordPress Booking Specialist

The world is a busy place, and people don’t want to go through a lot of stress to get the services they need. You can save your customers some weight and give your brand an edge when booking an appointment or making a reservation with technology. All you need is to add Amelia to your WordPress. 

Amelia is a powerful but straightforward booking specialist on WordPress that ensures your customers can book appointments and pay you online, even when you are sleeping. This platform assists your customers in securing their appointment and reservations with ease on your WordPress site.

Amelia WordPress Booking Plugin is developed using one of the latest modern design and technology stacks and provides the best user experience technique. Read about how this platform works in this review. 

How does Amelia Work?

Amelia provides a smooth enterprise-level booking experience for your customers. It helps you automate interaction with your intending customers, assists them in picking the right employee and services, send real-time SMS reminders for both the employee and the customer reminding them of booked, rescheduled and canceled appointments, and also take care of your payments. 

Amelia has an excellent responsive design that looks good on your smartphone, desktop, and tablet. This platform also offers customization options to help you brand the bookings for your business and services. You can give your full attention to more significant work rather than interrupting your workflow to write appointments. 

Are you interested in knowing how this platform can help you provide a smooth booking experience for your intended customers? Let’s take a look at the features of Amelia WordPress Booking Plugin.

What are the Features of Amelia? 

Amelia WordPress Booking Plugin helps your customers book their reservations and appointments without stress. Here are some of the features that Amelia has that help make appointment booking easy for both you and your customers:

Insightful Admin Dashboard. Amelia WordPress booking plugin provides the business owners or managers with a dashboard page that helps summarizes business KPIs. It also displays data in charts, widgets, and tables that let you check performance in a 5 seconds glance. 

Admin Calendar View. Business owners and employee can monitor their appointments in a unique calendar view. The calendar can display your appointments on a monthly, weekly, daily, or time-based view. The calendar can also be displayed based on employee, service or service category, or location. 

Search Booking Widget. Amelia WordPress booking specialist helps you to provide your intending customers with a search interface that will suggest services and time slots by one or more search criteria, which include preferred service or service category, and preferred time and date. 

Step-By-Step Booking Wizard. Amelia provides front end views, which include a classic step-by-step booking procedure. It allows the customers to pick the service or service category, employees, date, location, time, and payment details. Your customers can also change the details mentioned above without leaving the page. 

Amelia has excellent features that you will find incredibly useful for you and your customers. One benefit of choosing this plugin is that you can enjoy all these features with our huge Amelia discount deals. Learn more about the benefits you can derive from using Amelia as your booking specialist below.

What are the Benefits of Amelia?

Amelia is a smart booking plugin that is simple, easy to use, and affordable. It stands out from other similar plugins with the ease that it provides for both customers and business owners. 

Some benefits you derive from using this platform include:

  • Multiple support to accommodate business with several employees
  • Real SMS reminders for your customers and employee that prevents forgotten appointments
  • Multiple service categories that let your customers chose the service they need 
  • Several WordPress front-end views to customize your booking page outlook
  • Easy integration with several calendars and payment providers

Amelia has all you need for the successful booking of your intending customers. Our sweet Amelia discount codes also offer you a 20% off the price once you register. Learn more about how to use this platform below.

How to Use Amelia:

Amelia is one of the best booking specialists available to WordPress users. It is professional, simple to use, and loads quickly. You can follow these steps to use the plugin.

Step 1: Buy the affordable plugin at a super incredible price with our Amelia discount coupons .

Step 2: Download and install the plugin.

Step 3: Explore and customize the plugin to meet your brand needs.

Step 4: Add your employees and service categories

Step 5: Let your customers use the plugin to book appointments. Use the feedback you get to make appropriate adjustments to suit your business and customers’ needs. 

Amelia makes your life easier. Buy now to enjoy it!

Offer by Amelia
20% Off at Amelia
Love this dealSave it for later!

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