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Offer by Coming Soon WP
Coming Soon WP
10% Off at Coming Soon WP
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  • Best-in-class SEO Setup to boost your position on search results
  • 120+ customizable and professional themes for your pages
  • Secret access link that provides easy access to clients
  • Autoresponder and emailing service to communicate with visitors

Coming Soon WP – Build Great Pages Faster 

Research has shown that a coming soon page can help you build awareness and attract prospective customers for a new website. However, creating a coming soon page or a landing page can be quite stressful and time-consuming. 

Are you in need of a plugin that can assist you in creating a stunning coming soon page, under construction page, or a landing page fast? Coming Soon WP is that plugin. This platform helps you start up a new site with a beautiful coming soon page.

Coming Soon WP is flexible and straightforward to use and also works with any WordPress plugin and theme. You can learn more about what this platform offers you in this review. 

How Does Coming Soon WP Work? 

Coming Soon WP is a WordPress login that allows you to set up a coming soon page, launch page, and maintenance mode page easily. This platform enables you to configure a launch or coming soon page quickly without stress. 

Coming Soon WP is a platform that grants you total control over your website front-end. You can modify all the aspects of your coming soon or maintenance mode page to your taste. This platform is perfect for bloggers, developers, local business owners, designers, people who sell online or run webinars, and photographers. 

Do you want to know the functions you can carry out while using Coming Soon WP? Check out its features below. 

What are the Features of Coming Soon WP?

Coming Soon WP has what you need to help you in growing your site and coming soon page to another level. The features below will further prove it to you:

Over 120 Customizable Themes. Coming Soon WP provides you with professional themes that can be customized easily to fit and adjust to any business. These themes make it easier to build a website and page for your offline or online business.   

Built-in SEO Analysis. Coming Soon WP plugin has built-in guidelines, checks, and tests that would help you get traffic and move your coming soon page to another level. With this feature, the on-site results of your site would be the first position in little or no time. This feature runs tests on different aspects of your SEO and provides an active device. 

Easy Access To Clients. Your clients alone get access to the main site while you are working on it. With the availability of the secret access link, your clients get to access the site with ease. There is no need for an IP or whitelist before they can access the site while you work on it.  

License manager. This newest addition to Coming Soon WP will serve as a lifesaver to anybody that has had to manage multiple license or clients. With this feature, you get to log in to the license manager dashboard where you get to manage anything license related. Your master license key will continue to work if you are not interested in using the license manager. 

This platform is the best you can get, and the benefits outlined below can prove that claim. 

What are the Benefits of Coming Soon WP?

In addition to the above-stated features, Coming Soon WP has some outstanding benefits. One of which is our sweet Coming Soon WP discount deals.

Some other benefits you can enjoy are:

  • 800+ Google fonts available for use  
  • Over 1 million free images 
  • Configurable coming soon page elements  
  • Works with all WordPress plugin and themes 

  • Collects email from the coming soon page easily 

Are you interested in how you can use this platform for yourself? We have highlighted the simple steps below. 

How to Use Coming Soon WP:

Coming Soon WP makes the process of creating coming soon page easier and faster. You can follow these steps to install and configure the platform on WordPress.

Step 1: Upload the Coming Soon WP folder to the WordPress contents plugin directory.

Step 2: Activate the coming soon plugin using the plugins menu in WordPress. 

Step 3: Configure the plugin through the maintenance mode under the admin panel. 

You can choose a lifetime or yearly plan. Whatever plan you want, with our Coming Soon WP discount coupon and codes, you get 10% off the regular price. 

Offer by Coming Soon WP
Coming Soon WP
10% Off at Coming Soon WP
Love this dealSave it for later!

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