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15% Off FlexClip
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Terms and Condition

15% Off on annual plan.

Deal Overview
  • Create captivating marketing videos with flexible and versatile features
  • Access to millions of royalty-free stock media files.
  • 1000+ trendy templates for diverse industries and social media platforms.
  • Robust tools to edit and animate your videos with fantastic features that suit your needs.

Flexclip – the World-Best Video Maker

You’ve probably heard that video contents have the highest engagements across diverse channels, especially for businesses. And you’re already thinking of the many views you’d get when you post the videos in your phone gallery. 

But that does not mean just any video.

You would want your videos to be high-quality and creative enough to draw your audience’s attention to your business and make them want to buy. Right? 

Again, creating and editing videos is so not your thing.

Flexclip - the World-Best Video Maker

Well, we’ve got an answer for you. Now you can watch your ‘video’ dreams come true in a few easy clicks.

Say hi to FlexClip

How Does Flexclip Work?

FlexClip is a powerful online video editing software that helps you create fantastic video clips for marketing and other social media purposes. 

This software provides you with tools like video maker, video trimmer, video compressor, screen recorder, etc., to help you customise your videos just the way you like them. It also gives you the option to create your videos from scratch or choose from the available templates.

FlexClip provides over 1000 trendy templates to create any type of video that you need across diverse industries and channels. You also have access to millions of royalty-free stock media files to make your videos rich and captivating.

How Does Flexclip Work?

Whether you’re a freelancer, social media influencer or a business owner, FlexClip has got your back. You can now create and customise your videos in a way that your audience will always love.

Use our FlexClip discount code to get started and claim your 15% discount when you subscribe to any of their paid packages.

What Are the Features and Benefits of Flexclip?

FlexClip allows you to create and edit powerful and creative videos without hassles, using the following features:

  • Video Editing Tools: Flexclip provides you with a video maker, video trimmer, video merger, video converter and screen and voice recorder to help you to create, edit, trim, compress and customise eye-popping videos without stress.
  • Royalty-free stock media files: You don’t have to pay for stock media files when you create and edit your videos with FlexClip. This tool provides you with rich royalty-free stock music, photos and video files to make your videos as captivating as ever.
  • Animated edits – use FlexClip to add edit and add motion graphics to your videos. Add animated texts, dynamic overlays, captivating intros and outros and funky widgets to make your videos more fun and creative. You can also use it to add watermarks for branding purposes.
  • Easy to use Dashboard: Whether you’re a newbie or an expert video editor, the FlexClip dashboard is well organised to help you navigate the software hitch-free. The templates and media files are grouped in a way that you can quickly identify and access them.

What Are the Features and Benefits of Flexclip?

  • HD Video Support: FlexClip allows you to save and export videos in high-quality definitions. You don’t have to worry about your video qualities when you use FlexClip.
  • Video Templates – FlexClip provides you with over 1000 trendy video templates to suit your needs. You can create business videos, personal videos, social media, marketing videos, music videos and lots more without losing your magic touch.

Remember to use our FlexClip discount coupon to enjoy a 15% discount and many more fantastic benefits.

Overall Solution Summary

FlexClip is a powerful video editor that helps you create and edit videos from scratch or with existing templates. It can be used by freelancer and small business owners to create video ads, business videos, social media videos, etc., to increase engagement with your audience and grow your business.

Overall Solution Summary

How to Use Flexclip:

Step 1: use our FlexClip discount deal to sign up on their website and claim your 15% discount when you upgrade to their paid plan.

Step 2: Fill out your details to create an account and verify your email to activate your account.

Step 3: Choose your video needs to access your personalised dashboard.

Step 4: create your videos from scratch or edit from the available templates; add preferred media files, customise to your taste and export your videos.

  • testimonial user
    Video is the biggest thing these days but it is so time-consuming. FlexClip takes that out of the equation and makes it super easy to get going and be creative.
    Janel Baker
  • testimonial user
    One, two, three, that's how easy it is... Fantastic app-page in which you can easily navigate and edit pre-made templates to one's own gusto. I highly recommend this site.
    Daniel Smith
  • testimonial user
    What an excellent tool! I am very comfortable using it, it fills each one of the objectives and it is tremendously practical for the elaboration of video.
    Cameron Rey
Offer by FlexClip
15% Off FlexClip
Love this dealSave it for later!

Terms and Condition

15% Off on annual plan.

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