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Offer by AdOperator

$60 Free Ad Spend at AdOperator

Get $60 Free Ad Spend at AdOperator

Terms & Conditions

$60 will be credited when $250 minimum is deposited.

  • Convenient bidding using different models based on campaign KPIs
  • Concise targeting that helps you spend effectively
  • Wide scaled reach to sites with smooth integrations and native in-feed
  • Quick registration and easy-to-use interface

AdOperator – Your Start To Finish Guide For Push Notifications

Advertising has taken a new face different from the random ads used on the internet. Push notifications now work better when they match the site’s content and are less invasive. Statistics reveal that there is a 65% increase in user engagement with this kind of push notifications.

AdOperator is a platform that uses this advertising strategy to help brands and agencies promote their products and services. Your CTR is guaranteed an increase as this tool provides an excellent experience for online users when they see your ads. 

You might wonder how this platform will help improve your advertising. We have some details on that for you below. 

How Does AdOperator Work? 

AdOperator is a self-serve DSP service for advertisers and ad networks who wish to lower costs and increase conversion rates. The platform has a worldwide audience reach with users from over 200 countries. You also get to use custom targeting options to select an audience that is more likely to convert. 

AdOperator is safe and gives publishers a detailed analysis of their campaigns. You can also optimize your CPA goals while tracking conversions made. The web push notifications strategy and flawless execution using AdOperator give you ads that get 100% real clicks and views. What are the features that make this achievable using AdOperator?

What Are The Features Of AdOperator? 

AdOperator’s features help you with four aspects of push notifications advertising that might be problematic without the tool. You also get a fantastic discount with all these features by using our AdOperator discount coupons and codes .

Scale. AdOperator has several of the best and most dependable publisher sites. You get to enjoy native in-feed and smooth integrations by using this platform for your push notifications. You would also be reaching a vast network of people. 

Performance Bidding. This tool allows you to use various bidding models like CPL, CPM, and CPA/CPC. This feature lets you bid based on your campaign KPIs. You can start enjoying this convenience by using our AdOperator discount deals. 

Precise Targeting. You don’t have to waste money on advertising to online users that are not interested in your products and services when you use AdOperator. The special filters, IP targeting, and white and blacklists used on the platform help you target users that will be interested in your ads.

Brand Safety. AdOperator maintains direct relationships with publishers so you can be assured that your brand name and information are safe. You also get what we would call bonus benefits from using this software. Some of them are highlighted below.

What Are The Benefits Of AdOperator? 

AdOperator is a service with features that do what you need it to, alongside some benefits that stand it out from the others. 

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Easy registration with just your email required
  • The intuitive user interface makes the tool easy to use for even the not so computer genius
  • Worldwide reach stretching across 200 countries

  • Automatic traffic optimization based on conversions
  • 24/7 live support by chats
  • Loyalty program and 10% referral bonus for regular customers and advertisers, respectively. 
  • Enjoy discount benefits by using our AdOperator discount codes .

How To Use AdOperator:

AdOperator has a simple interface, and registration only takes minutes. From the start to the completion of a campaign, this tool makes it all easy for you. 

Step 1: Create an account using your email address. You will get an email with a link that will lead you to your dashboard. You will find a menu of various things to do on the left side of the page. 

Step 2: Start a campaign. Name your new campaign and start working on the creatives. 

Step 3: Set your smart bidding goal. You must have made some traffic volume purchases over several days to use the smart bidding option. 

logo icon
Offer by AdOperator

$60 Free Ad Spend at AdOperator

Get $60 Free Ad Spend at AdOperator

Terms & Conditions

$60 will be credited when $250 minimum is deposited.

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