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50% Off at Maximus
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50% Off for the first two months.

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  • All-In-One dashboard that lets you control all of your campaigns from one place
  • Real time data so you can make up to the minute decisions on what is happening right now
  • Fire & Forget™ your optimization with automated bid updates, enhanced dayparting, and more
  • Budget and Profit Protection help control your spend and give you peace of mind
  • Granular reporting and routing for maximizing your funnel and controlling your traffic
  • Ditch your tracker - Advanced Tracking and in-depth data including landing page CTR %

Maximus – Native Advertising Made Simple

According to research, native ads get up to 53% more views than display ads. Are you already using native networks like Outbrain, Gemini, Taboola, and Revcontent? It would help if you had an optimization tool to compete favorably against fellow buyers and maximize your campaigns.

Maximus is designed by native media buyers to handle optimization that moves your productivity to another level. Automated bidding makes adjustments for you with real time data so you can manage many campaigns across different networks effortlessly, all while maximizing your profit margins.

Maximus Homepage

Maximus combines human insights with the benefits of automation. Read more about how this platform works in this review.   

How Does Maximus Work?

Maximus uses automated optimization combined with real-time reporting to give you the cutting edge in bidding. With the profit percentages you want and your entered optimization settings, Fire & Forget™ handles the heavy work for you.

How Does Maximus Work?

Maximus streamlines launching your native ad campaigns with features like creating the same campaign on different networks, splitting a campaign to multiple platforms with a single click, and ad generation to help you test all creative angles.

Campaign management has never been easier, and a consolidated dashboard lets you dive into managing campaigns based on profit, traffic activity, or those which were recently added.

Are you interested in how this platform can help you leverage the power of Maximus to turn one media buyer into a whole team? Let’s find out more together.

What are the Features of Maximus?

Whether you’re new to native advertisement or an experienced buyer, the tools and features at your disposal in Maximus accelerate your media buying to new potentials.

Fire & Forget™. Let Maximus make your bids for you across dozens to hundreds of placements every few minutes to maximize your profits and take stress off your plate. Take advantage of other automated features like blocking sites or widgets that fall below an EPC threshold, advanced day parting to schedule budgets and profit percentages at different times throughout the day, or drive traffic with automated bid increases to get the volume you want.

Centralized Campaign Management. Maximus isn’t just an optimization platform, but operates as a tracker as well. Keep all of your data in one place, with our pixel and tracking you manage all of your campaigns from different sources easily. Whether you want to ditch your tracker or integrate with it, you can reduce all of the tabs you’re logged in to when using Maximus to manage everything in one spot.

Intuitive Reporting & Charts. Charts built that are easy to digest, including viewing the 24 hour Hourly Clicks chart, evaluating today’s data versus yesterday and the same day last week in the Hourly Comparison chart, and comparing this week versus last with the Weekly Comparison chart.  Reporting is enhanced with organizational features to help you look at data from all angles across concise and valuable reports like the Image/Site/Presell or the By Platform report, so you can make informed decisions on your campaigns.

Advanced Tracking. Track your presell visits, the clicks out to your offer landing pages, and the CTR % and compare stats to make changes on your weighted routing, or manually route where users from a certain site go to boost your funnel.

Budget & Profit Protection. Control your campaign’s spending limits with Slow and Stop Amount, letting your campaign slow bidding if it loses a certain amount of money and pause it completely if it hits your Stop Amount threshold. If you’re running an offer with a high payout and need to balance spend to make sure you hit your target goals, Protect Profit can guarantee your daily profit without the worry.

Granular Routing. No traffic performs the same. Send users that view your ad on a specific website to the presell or presells you want to maximize your funnel. Go even deeper, viewing the breakdown of how traffic performs when an image appears on a website, and how that traffic performs when it goes to your different presells – then lock in routes so every time image X appears on a placement, users go to landing page Y where they perform better.

What are the Features of Maximus?

You can enjoy all these features with our huge Maximus discount deals. Learn more about the benefits you can get from using Maximus.

What are the Benefits of Maximus?

Beyond just some of the features that we listed above, there’s other incredible benefits to utilizing Maximus as your native advertising platform.

What are the Benefits of Maximus?

  • Mobile iOS app that allows you to manage your campaigns wherever you are.
  • 24/7 Support and help documentation with example videos and animated gifs to help get you started.
  • A Client success team that can give your personalized recommendations on your campaigns.
  • Tracking and reporting in Maximus that help gets you out of your spreadsheets and endless browser tabs to simplify your media buying experience.

Maximus has all you need to move your native advertisement campaigns to another level successfully. Our sweet Maximus discount codes also offer you 50% off the price once you register. Let’s get you started on how to use it below. 

How to Use Maximus:

Maximus is one of the best advertising campaign optimization tools –  stand out among other native media buyers. You can follow these steps to use the platform:

Step 1: Start by registering an account with Maximus for free. Don’t forget to use our Maximus discount coupons when you are ready to subscribe.

Step 2: Set up your account by integrating it with all the native ad networks you use.

Step 3: Get personalized recommendations in an onboarding call.

Step 4: Use the patent-pending Fire and Forget™ features to automate all your processes for maximum results.

Offer by Maximus
50% Off at Maximus
Love this dealSave it for later!

Terms and Condition

50% Off for the first two months.

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