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100% Off Adzooma Pro
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  • Optimise your Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Microsoft Ads campaigns in less time
  • Create automated rules to eliminate time-consuming manual tasks and grow your business in just a few clicks
  • Beat your competitors and win more customers without getting tied up in all the data
  • Get expert support from Adzooma’s specialist team who have the knowledge and expertise to increase your ROI

Improve your online advertising campaigns in seconds

Want to get the best results for your business? Adzooma Pro is designed to help maximise your returns for a fraction of the price. It gives businesses of all sizes a competitive advantage, allowing you to take on more clients without hiring more staff.

Maximize Your Google Ads Campaign With Adzooma Pro

By utilising various profit-boosting features, you can save up to 90% of the time you’d usually spend managing your campaigns. Make your budget work more efficiently, get more clicks and cut your wasted spend.

Optimise your accounts

The tools you need to grow your business

  • We’re a Google Partner who can help grow your business quickly using our affordable, agency-style service
  • Our excellent customer support team are passionate about marketing and helping businesses like yours bring in more customers
  • We pride ourselves on creating an award-winning platform that can help businesses of all sizes boost their profits
  • Our purpose-built technology analyses every area of your account, generating customised opportunities to improve your campaigns

How Does Adzooma Pro Work?

Adzooma Pro makes online advertising quicker and easier through its innovative Opportunity Engine.

The smart piece of automation software analyses your accounts, automatically generating 50+ suggestions to improve your performance. Most can be applied in a single click.

This could be anything from increasing keyword bids, changing your budget delivery method or pausing underperforming adverts.

You can even create automated rules so that when something changes in your account, your preferred action will be taken. For example, increasing your budget if you don’t receive a certain amount of clicks for that day.

How Does Adzooma Pro Work?

Alternatively, you can set up alerts to be notified when an event happens, so you can take the right action at the right time. Adzooma Pro allows you to remain in complete control.

The intuitive platform also makes quick and easy work out of reporting. Simply choose a template, drag and drop the data you want to include and add your own logo before sending them over to your clients.

Even better, you can save your reports as templates to save time and effort managing your PPC advertising. When it’s time to renew your reports, all you have to do is click and your latest data will be automatically updated for you.

Adzooma Pro is constantly updating its platform to help minimise any flaws within your campaigns. Find out how you can improve your account performance today with their free, detailed health check. 

Try Adzooma for free

How Does Adzooma Pro Work?

Manage your accounts from one screen

Adzooma Pro doesn’t just analyse a few of your advertising campaigns. The intelligent software is integrated with Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Microsoft Ads, making account management easier than ever before.

Simply connect your accounts, see which areas need the most work and optimise performance across all your campaigns at once.

Increase your ROI today

It’s easy to get started.

  1. Create an account with Adzooma.
  2. Connect your advertising accounts.
  3. Choose which campaigns you want to optimise.
  4. Adzooma brings you results.

Adzooma is the only online advertising platform you’ll ever need.

Maximise your conversions

  • testimonial user
    Nice tool to manage and optimize ads for both me and my clients. Sure, you can do this yourself manually, but the amount of time I save it’s great! Update: A awesome team behind this product + the community is great as well!
    Daniel Nordmark
  • testimonial user
    This is an incredible tool. It's easy to set up, has tons of awesome features and makes the whole process of Google Ad optimisation so easy your granny could do it. The machine learning engine makes some very smart suggestions about your ads, and you can even make changes to your Google Ad account with a single click. Best of all, though, is the support. It's second to none.
    Robert Carter
  • testimonial user
    The software is really easy to use and gets results for you very quickly. Support is great to get you up and running and keep you updated with regular contact. Would recommend and will save you paying someone to manage your account.
    Glenn Martin
Offer by Adzooma
100% Off Adzooma Pro
Love this dealSave it for later!

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