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Deal Overview
  • Sophisticated offer and campaign caps.
  • Flexible multi-conversion settings on the market.
  • Limitless drill-down reports in all live stats.
  • Transformation of a network source ID into your preferred ID.

Trackerry: Your Advanced Tracking Solution

The most valuable resource for any professional marketer is time. The growth of every business solely depends on your commitment to utilizing time. For an expert marketer, loss of time equals loss of money, and consistent loss of time leads to the death of the business.

Trackerry is explicitly built to minimize repetitive actions, extra clicks, stats loading time, and minor excess interactions. This software helps you to spend 90% less time on routine tasks. Most importantly, trackerry helps in the effective utilization of time, leading to profit maximization.

How Does Trackerry Work?

Trackerry UI is amazingly built to minimize any routine tasks that consume much time. Its goal is to offer something qualitatively different from current products on the market. The app abolishes all forms of activities that are responsible for time mismanagement. 

Using Trackerry, you get to enjoy an excellent solution for your campaign. You can put your domains on autopilot to enable it to run domain alert test at all times. While the domain alert test is running, it automatically excludes flagged domains from your rotations. It keeps you safe through 24 hours monitoring on your domain.

What Are The Features of Trackerry?

Trackerry is incredibly and comprehensively built with unique features. It offers a reliable and excellent solution for your campaign solution. Interestingly, Trackerry comes with our exceptional Trackkery discount coupons and codes. The fantastic features include: 

Sophisticated offer and campaign caps: including daily, weekly, total limits for conversion, impressions, LP clicks, cost, and more. 

Flagged domains auto-replacement rotations: It ensures that your campaign keeps progressing without the assistance of manual work.

Reverse traffic: This feature gives an additional impression for free whenever a user clicks on the ‘Back’ button. It works regardless of the absence of a landing page.

Flexible multi-conversion settings on the market: You are given a choice to decide the stages of conversion either to include it into revenue or cost. This feature guarantees its reliability before it goes to your traffic source. 

Limitless drill-down reports in all live stats.

Transformation of a network source ID into your preferred ID.

What Are The Benefits of Trackerry?

Apart from our affordable Trackkery discount deals, you get to enjoy other mouth-watering benefits that would make a significant impact on your domains. 

  • Time-Saving: Complex settings are no longer required in this case. Just add the magic-checker ID in your campaign, and you are done.
  • Protection from Moderators, Competitors, Bots, and Spy: Protection from campaign moderation and spying tools. It takes away unwanted traffic to the safe-page. 
  • Faster Campaign Creation: Set up offers, traffic sources, or advertisers while you are creating the campaign.
  • Cloning Get Easier: You can clone and instantly edit any amount of campaigns and offer just by one click.
  • Limitless Domains: Trackerry offers you the benefits of adding as many domains needed to run your successful campaigns free of charge.

  • Domain Replacement: You can make your account immune to bans through an automatic replacement as soon as they are flagged or even before they get flagged.

How to Use Trackerry: 

Step 1: Click on the offer tab in the main dashboard.

Step 2: Click the create button. The new offer interface will be displayed.

Step 3: Give a unique name for your offer.

Step 4: Add your offer URL. Paste your offer URL into the URL field ( sourced from an advertiser, network, or other).

Step 5: You can now track the offer payout.

Offer by Trackerry
10% Off all plans at Trackerry
Love this dealSave it for later!

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