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25% Off at FairLab

Get 25% Off at FairLab

  • Cloaked links that do not have to change URL to redirect
  • Accurate analysis from automatic device fingerprinting
  • Super safe IP leak detector even from WebRTC
  • Real device detector that beats all spoofing

FairLab – The Cloaking Service Your SMM Needs

Link cloaking, also known as link masking, is not a new phenomenon to advertisers and marketers. You use it not just to make your links more attractive to visitors, but to also protect your links from hackers. However, creating cloaking links yourself can waste a lot of your time and reduce the quality of your links.

FairLab is a cloaking service that helps you create the links and keeps monitoring them for you afterward. Do you want to know how it works? We have written all the details you would need below.

How Does FairLab Work?

FairLab is a cloaking service that helps you create high-quality cloaking links. It uses a neutral service for the analysis of the transition between the cloaked link and the actual link. The zero-redirect Cloaker ensures that your URL never changes on any browser even while a lot is going on in the background.

The service is incredibly simple to use and assures you of the safety of your links. The analytical nature of the service is close to perfection, as every visit via your links is analyzed. This cloaking service has impressive features that let you take your mind off the small things.

What Are The Features Of FairLab?

Are you wondering if the fantastic features of FairLab won’t require robbing a bank? Don’t worry, our incredible FairLab discount coupons and codes will help you spend less on an already affordable offer. What are the features you will be spending on?

Zero-redirect Cloaker. You can use this feature to create your links with a zero redirect technology that loads using a native page. This way, your URL never changes. This mode is best for Facebook and Google traffic.

Device Fingerprinting. All devices that go through your cloaked links are automatically fingerprinted and go through more than 25 different checks. FairLab uses the data from this fingerprinting to provide you with accurate traffic analysis. The checks also go not take more than 10 minutes.

IP Leak Detection. WebRTC is a browser feature that can leak your IP address even when you are using a VPN. This feature is also on default in popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox. FairLab helps you detect when this feature is leaking your IP address.

Real Device Detection. You want to be 100% sure of the type of devices accessing your links; then, you should use FairLab. The service uses more than just basic device detection to determine the type of device accessing your link. FairLab checks for the use of an accelerator or gyroscope to determine if a true smartphone is being used along with other methods.

There are several services with useful features that do not work well. FairLab has some excellent benefits when it comes to function.

What Are The Benefits Of FairLab?

FairLab is the service of choice if you want excellent service with beneficial features. Our FairLab discount deals also make this service super affordable for growing businesses. Still in doubt, here are some of the benefits of choosing FairLab.

  • Clear simplicity in the creation of cloaked links
  • Quick control of the system to effect changes, ensuring your safety
  • Perfect analytical approaches with over 140 parameters checked
  • Pay-back referral system that gives you 20% of all purchases through your code
  • Dedicated Cloud provides speed and minimal delay in response

How To Use FairLab:

Step 1: FairLab is super easy to use with a dashboard that won’t leave you confused. But first, you have to register. Use our FairLab discount codes to get a 25% off at registration.

Step 2: After registration, log in to your account.

Step 3: You start your journey by adding your domain. You should have access to the domain you want to use. A Name Server will be sent to you with you need to add to the control panel.

Step 4: After successfully adding the tour domain, you can start creating as many cloaked links as you want.

logo icon
Offer by FairLab

25% Off at FairLab

Get 25% Off at FairLab

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