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  • Accurate SERP position tracking with analytical insights
  • High-quality backlinks database with quality scores
  • Smooth digital optimization with Serpstat site audit
  • Efficient competition monitoring with analysis

Serpstat – Your Affordable Comprehensive SEO & PPC Tool

Analytics is essential for the growth of any website, especially when it comes to SEO and PPC campaigns. However, manually gathering and interpreting analytical insights is not just slow but almost impossible. 

This fact is the reason why digital agencies, website owners, and bloggers make use of tools like Serpstat to evaluate the performance of their websites, research keywords, and analyze data. 

With Serpstat, you can understand several types of information all necessary for your online business growth. We have given more details about how the tool works below.

How Does Serpstat Work?

Serpstat is an all-in-one SEO and PPC analysis platform that started as a keyword research tool in 2013. This platform has over 180 million ads, 100 million keywords, and 200 million search suggestions. 

The platform provides over 20 tools that help with any analysis or search analytics data that you could need. You can search for keywords, find the backlink sources, research topic ideas for content, check for SEO errors on your website, and more all with this platform.

Trusted by over 300,000 online marketers, this tool is one of the fastest-growing SEO tools. You can learn more about why people love this tool through its features below.

What Are The Features Of Serpstat?

Serpstat is one of the most affordable SEO tools that offers such a comprehensive package of features. You can also try out the platform with our fantastic Serpstat discount deals. Some of the features you will get to use in Serpstat are:

Position Tracking. It is essential to know your position on Search Engine Result Pages. Serpstat can help you research SERP with insights into various analytical data. You gain insights into market share fluctuations and traffic distribution. You can also search based on your locality.

Backlinks Analysis. Backlinks are an essential part of SEO. Serpstat gives you access to backlink data of up to two years with just one click. You can also keep track of the backlink that your competitors use along with the quality score of domains that refer you. This platform also helps you find sites that will attract more links. 

Site Audit. You can audit your site with Serpstat. You can see the state of your website with the digital optimization score. You can then use Serpstat to clean up any SEO errors on your site. Serpstat also keeps you abreast of any new issues.

Competitor Research. In online marketing, you must understand your competitors and their strategies. Serpstat helps you with the analysis of all your online competitors, identifying niche leaders, keyword trends, and competitors’ progress monitoring. 

Apart from these incredible features all in one tool, there are specific attributes that make Serpstat an ideal choice. We have highlighted some of them below.

What Are The Benefits Of Serpstat?

Serpstat holds a lot of benefits for online marketers. These benefits are one of the reasons why the tool is the number one best selling SEO tool of all time on AppSumo. Some of the benefits that distinguish Serpstat are;

  • Easy to integrate plugin tool with Chrome extension
  • Manual, video tutorials, and pages of use cases that guide you in using the tool
  • A free plan that allows you to get used to the platform before you pay
  • Expert customer support team to help in any challenging use of Serpstat
  • Personal demonstrate to help you save time in learning about the tool

Serpstat is a must-have for any online marketer. The sweet deal is that with our Serpstat discount codes, you can try out the Serpstat for free for 14 days. You can learn more about how to use the tool below.

How To Use Serpstat:

Serpstat is designed for the convenience of all online marketers. You can start your Serpstat journey to massive growth with the following steps:

Step 1: Subscribe to one of the available Serpstat plans. Do not forget to use our fabulous Serpstat discount coupons when subscribing.

Step 2: Confirm your account through the mail sent to you

Step 3: Start with a site audit and correct any issues with your site

Step 4: Check for backlinks that can help improve your ranking

Step 5: Check your competition and SERP position

Offer by Serpstat
14 Day Free Trial at Serpstat
Love this dealSave it for later!

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