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Offer by Luminati

$20 Bonus at Luminati

Get $20 Bonus at Luminati

  • Multiple IP types for a wide range of applications.
  • Concurrent sessions that shorten scraping time
  • Geo-Targeting that allows you to select your exact location.
  • Flexibility in the selection of IP types and customization

Luminati – The Best Residential Proxy Service Provider

Every client craves for the best residential proxy service for his/her web experience. In the proxy market today, there are a lot of proxy service providers with their distinct qualities. Choosing the right one that will suit your needs might be overwhelming.

Luminati is widely known as one of the top residential proxy providers in the world. Their proxies are available in all countries of the world, and it is known for its security and reliability. Applications of Luminati include SEO auditing, brand protection, web scraping, and crawling, ads verification, among others. In this review, we will talk about how the software works, its features, benefits, and how to use it.  

How Does Luminati Work?

Luminati uses a P2P (peer to peer) network to connect millions of its users’ devices. It harnesses your idle device resources and provides you with ad-free applications through its SDK. It employs numerous IP types all over the world, both in an individual purchase or in a shared IP pool.  

Luminati is a well-secured proxy provider used by Fortune 500 customers and other enterprises for price comparison. Top websites now quickly test their web sites from anywhere in the world with the software. Commitment to daily growth and improvement of its services has led to the emergence of new products suitable for its users.

What Are The Features Of Luminati?

Luminati offers fantastic features that will help you get immense satisfaction from your proxy service. Coupled with our new Luminati discount coupons and codes, you get to enjoy the following fantastic features at an affordable price.

Multiple IP type. Luminati offers the most prominent business proxy network all over the world. Its proxies cover as much as over 36 million residential IPs right in its P2P system. No matter what you are looking to use your proxy for, Luminati got you covered. 

Its proxies range from the data centre, residential, and mobile proxies. Residential proxy is the most common proxy offered by Luminati. It includes shared IPs, exclusive IPs, and static residential IPs.

Concurrent sessions. When you use Luminati, the time needed to scrape the data you need shortens as a result of simultaneous requests from numerous IPs. Luminati remains the top choice for companies that need to scrape data fast due to this reason. 

Geo-Targeting. This feature allows you to select the exact location of the proxies you need. You are open to three options under this feature, which are country proxies, city proxies, and Autonomous System Number (ASN).

Flexibility. Luminati is a flexible proxy provider because of the different types of IPs you can customize according to your usage. It is almost impossible to find another provider that will allow you to set custom rules for each request within your proxy. 

What Are The Benefits Of Luminati?

Our amazing Luminati discount deals come with the following exceptional benefits you will surely enjoy. 

  • Luminati has the biggest IP network in the world. 
  • Well-encrypted proxies that protect you all the way. Nobody can spy into your data as you surf the internet. Another exciting thing is that it is 100 per cent legal! 

  • It also offers excellent scraping experience, which will prevent your data from being stolen by aggregators.
  • Quick response time higher than any other datacenter proxies.

How To Use Luminati:

Follow these simple guidelines to start using the Luminati proxy provider.

Step 1: Log into the site @ Luminati.io.

Step 2: Click on start now on the homepage.

Step 3: Sign up with your Gmail or your work account.

Step 4: Choose the package you want and start enjoying the service. 


logo icon
Offer by Luminati

$20 Bonus at Luminati

Get $20 Bonus at Luminati

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