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Get 15% Off at Inspectlet

  • Advanced conversion funnel analysis
  • Let’s you tag and control user and visitor
  • Eye-tracking heat map
  • Advanced integration and other analytics services

Inspectlet- The Sure Way To Know What Visitors Want

It is only ideal that we know what is going on with our site per-time. Ask any pro in the online business game; they’ll tell you how tracking is one of the ingredients to success as an online entrepreneur. For this reason, there are several tools like Inspectlet that help us do the monitoring. But, Inspectlet is different.

Inspectlet is different in the sense that it lets you inspect the activities of visitors, allowing you to see all that they do. You get to see every mouse movement, scroll, keypress, and click on your site. Inspectlet is one handy tool you can use to make useful tweaks to your webpage.

How Does Inspectlet Work?

Inspectlet is a heat map website that uses Javascript code fixed onto your website to monitor visitor’s activities in real-time. It captures visitor’s mouse movements, keystrokes, scrolling, and click. This way, you will be able to see what your visitors are looking for and analyze how they interact with your site.

According to research, the user’s eye and mouse movement correlate, therefore, allowing you to decide what your visitor is looking at specifically. You will be able to see into your visitors’ minds as they go through your site, know the difficulties they face, and where your site might be less efficient. Finally, with our Inspectlet discount deals, you have everything you need to up your online business game.

What Are The Features Of Inspectlet SEO?

Inspectlet offers many amazing and useful features. A combination of all its features provides you with maximum service in web analytics and conversion rates. Here are some of the fantastic features of Inspectlet; example, the funnel analysis tool lets you see a recording of visitors that added a product to their cart but didn’t checkout. You’ll be able to analyze and use your data; however, you want it.

Session Recording. Once you get Inspectlet incorporated to your webpage, Inspectlet records the session of every visitor on your page. You eventually get to replay and review these sessions to see what every user did, what they wanted to do and couldn’t do, etc. This way, you will be able to tweak your webpage for maximum efficiency.

A/B testing. With the AB testing feature, Inspectlet allows you to compare two versions of a webpage against each other. Based on the comparison, you will be able to determine which one performs better. Inspectlets provide statistical analysis which you can use to determine which one of various webpages performs better in line with your set goal.

Advanced Filtering. With the Inspectlet advanced filtering feature, you’ll be able to find what your visitors are precisely interested in. For

These features are not the only reason to choose Inspectlet. There are other benefits as well, as stated below.

What Are The Benefits Of Inspectlet?

One of the many benefits you get to enjoy is our Inspectlet discount coupons and codes. You get some percentage off the price you are to pay for the platform package. Inspectlet is free to use. However, if you need to upgrade to the other plans, you will need to pay for the service. 

Here is where our Inspectlet discount deals come in, you pay less for an already affordable tool. Other benefits include; 

  • You learn invaluable information by looking over the shoulder of your visitors
  • An Inspectlet conversion funnel reveals where and why people are dropping off
  • Let’s you identify specific visitors so you can track and monitor their activities

The list of benefits goes on; however, we will now show you how to use Inspectlet.

How To Use Inspectlet:

Step 1: Open an account; visit https://www.inspectlet.com/signup/free to open the account and Copy the embed code.

Step 2: Download, install, and activate the Inspectlet plugin. Go to Dashboard and paste your embed code in the text area. Save the changes. 

Step 3: Start to analyze the session. You can get all the sessions from your Inspectlet Dashboard.

logo icon
Offer by Inspectlet

15% Off at Inspectlet

Get 15% Off at Inspectlet

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