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  • A Link management tool that allows you to add pixels to retarget your website visitors
  • Add pixels to retarget website visitors
  • Add CTA pop-ups to any links for sharing
  • Create shorter URLs easily and also create customized URLs

RocketLink – Far More Than a Retargeting Tool

Today, there’s no successful online marketing campaign without an element of retargeting. It keeps you in front of your potential customers all the time since they’d have visited your website once. Now imagine a tool that you can use to set up retargeting very easily on your ads campaign and also customise your URL, add custom Call To Actions and many more. That online tool is RocketLink.

Let’s get to it. What can you do with RocketLink, what are the benefits, and how do you setup one for yourself?

How Does RocketLink Work?

RocketLink is a link management tool that allows you to add pixels to retarget your website visitors. Additionally, you can use RocketLink to convert your long URLs to short URLs and even customise the URL to your custom domain name.

How Does RocketLink Work?

RocketLink also allows you to add CTA pop-ups to any of your links you may want to share. We believe this is a tool that every digital marketing person should have in their arsenal. Or you’re a business that wants to improve your leads generation strategy, RocketLinks has excellent features to help you improve your marketing campaign. Our RocketLink discount deals will help you save some money as you get started.

What Are The Features Of RocketLink?

Retargeting Pixels: You can use RocketLink to add retargeting pixels to your domain or any link you share. So you can retarget people from online forums and facebook groups. You can also share QR codes in your retargeting campaign through RocketLink.

URL Shortener: You can create shorter URLs easily and also create customised URLs for branding.

What are the Features of RocketLink?

Call to Action: RocketLink allows you to add pop-up CTAs to whatever link you share. So anyone that clicks that link meets your customised pop-up to drive them to whatever action you want.

Analyse: RocketLink also acts as a useful analytics tool to help you observe how well your links are performing. You can access this easily from the dashboard

Live chat widget: With RocketLink you can add a chatbot script to your website.

Opt-in Form: If you want to generate a great email list from a link, you can use RocketLink to create pop-ups for you that’ll be added to the link. So once it’s clicked, the opt-in form pops-up in front of the target asking for their emails.

Push Notification: This feature allows you to add a customised notification page that pops-up once the link is clicked.

Lastly, VIdeo Embedding; if Youtube plays a vital role in your content strategy, you can use RocketLink to embed a link, notification or a CTA within the video.

You’ll agree with us that RocketLink is a tool to have if you want to take on an aggressive marketing campaign. Enough features to get your brand visible to your potential customers. To access RocketLink at discounted deals, you can check our RocketLink discount coupons and RocketLink discount codes.

RocketLink is worth your investments. Here are various benefits you’ll enjoy using RocketLink.

What Are The Benefits of Using RocketLink?

  • It improves your retargeting campaign. With retargeting pixels being a core of the software, you get to precisely reach your audience based on their interests. So you can create a custom audience from using those pixels on whatever domain you want.
  • You enjoy better appearance with the branded domain name.
  • Using those CTA pop-ups and notification pop-ups give you an edge to convert anyone that clicks on your armed-link

What Are The Benefits of Using RocketLink?

How To Use RocketLink:

Step 1: Signup for free on the website

Step 2: The free trial version has a minimal number of operations. You can purchase the full software package at a lesser price with our RocketLink discount deals.

Step 3: Click the dashboard to have an overview of all your activities.

How to Use RocketLink

Step 4: There are four other tabs: links, pixels, promotion, and domains. Click on each to see its full functions.

Offer by RocketLink
15% Off all plans at RocketLink
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