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  • Unlimited standalone landing pages that convert
  • Post-purchase Upsells and Downsells to increase your earnings
  • Smooth integration with other platforms
  • Expert support 7/days a week

Funnel Buildr – Your Ultimate Funnel Builder for Shopify

Every successful e-commerce business needs good sales funnel, especially Shopify stores. Your low-converting Shopify pages won’t cut it anymore. However, the process of building landing pages and full sales funnels from scratch can be stressful.

Funnel Buildr Homepages

Funnel Buildr is the solution to this problem for your Shopify store. You can create standalone pages and full funnels using drag and drop with this platform. Pages are not only easy to build on Funnel Buildr, but you have the assurance of highly-converting pages.

Are you interested in knowing how Funnel Buildr can boost your conversion and sales by up to 25%? You can learn all about how it works and its features in our review below. 

How Does Funnel Buildr Work?

Funnel Buildr was explicitly built for Shopify store owners. It is a part of the Shoptimized suite of apps, created by Bradley Long, a former conversation rate optimization consultant for several stores. He used his experience to start Shoptimized.

Funnel Buildr has all you could need to automate your sales funnel marketing. Since it was built for Shopify stores, its pages work in your Shopify store domain without any hitches. You can also customize the pages to represent your brand, which is essential in marketing.

Funnel Buildr How it Works

The software has numerous features to help you create a sales funnel that will increase your conversions, sales, and profit in no time. Let’s take a look at some of these features.

What are the Features of Funnel Buildr?

Funnel Buildr has several features that you will love. These features work together to ensure that your store visitors become customers. Some of the features that Funnel Buildr offers are;

Standalone Landing Pages. Landing pages are crucial for introducing your visitors to what your brand has to offer. However, building functional landing pages with great design from scratch can be hard. Funnel Buildr helps you create loads of fantastic landing pages with ease using drag and drop with tested and converting templates. 

What are the Features of Funnel Buildr

Pre-Checkout Upsells. Upsells help you make more from your customers. Pre-checkout upsells are useful because they capitalize on your customer’s indicated interest in your service or product. With Funnel Buildr, you can build one in a few minutes that could boost your profit by 25% to 75%.

Checkout Bumps. A lot of online businesses use checkout bumps for the simple reason that they are effective. Funnel Buildr helps you create and customize checkout bumps to increase the orders made by customers or get them to pay for a special add-on.

Post-Purchase Upsells and Downsells. Your customers are already in a ‘YES’ mode after purchase. It is one of the best times to present them with another offer. Funnel Buildr helps you build one-click upsells, integrated with payment platforms, which make it easy for your customers to buy one more thing.

These features are just a few out of the features that this platform has to offer. You can create entire marketing funnels that are all on your Shopify store. With our Funnel Buildr discount codes, you can do it all at a give-away price. 

Do you want to know more about why this software stand out from other funnel builders for Shopify? Check out its benefits below.  

What are the Benefits of Funnel Buildr?

Funnel Buildr offers you a 14-day free trial to test out the features. When you are ready to pay, our Funnel Buildr discount coupons give you a sweet deal. More of the fantastic benefits of choosing this platform include;

Funnel Buildr Benefits

  • Unlimited number of page creation
  • Easy, detailed tracking and analytics
  • Fully customizable pages to suit your brand designs
  • Convenient funnel sharing from other stores in three clicks
  • Smooth integration with payment solutions and email marketing platforms
  • One-page checkout for increased conversions
  • Full split-testing that is fast and accurate
  • Social media elements enabled
  • Secure SSL from your Shopify store
  • Expert, friendly support available seven days a week

This platform is all that you need and more. Are you ready to get that increase in your sales and conversions? Here is how to use Funnel Buildr to achieve it.

How to Use Funnel Buildr:

Funnel Buildr was designed with the convenience of its users in mind. Every step from registration to optimized Shopify sales pages is straightforward and easy to understand. You can follow these steps to make the most of Funnel Buildr.

Step 1: Subscribe to Funnel Buildr on any of the plans from the starter to unlimited. You get to use the software for free for 14 days before payment. Don’t forget to use our sweet Funnel Buildr discount deals to get a whopping 10% off.

Step 2: Create your standalone landing page, checkout page, or post-purchase upsell or downsell. The drag and drop make this step easy.

Step 3: Use split testing to get the best pages for your particular niche.

Step 4: Track and analyze the information you get from your pages. 

Offer by Funnel Buildr
Funnel Buildr
10% Off at Funnel Buildr
Love this dealSave it for later!

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