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  • A vast number of ads which keeps getting updated in real-time
  • Comprehensive analysis of each offer on the platform
  • Comparative graphical analytics that helps you understand the market better
  • Multi-dimensional filters which make your search easier

Idvert – The Best Spy Tool In The World

The marketing and advertising industries are, no doubt, very competitive industries. Marketers and advertisers need to know the latest offers and ads in the market continually. Ordinarily, this knowledge comes from hours and hours of combing the internet – an endeavour that will take time and money.

However, you don’t have to go that route to gain information. With spy tools, all the information you need is always at your fingertips. The question then remains how to know the best tool for you. We have done a review of Idvert – the best spy tool in the world.

How Does Idvert Work?

Idvert is a multi-dimension software that aids marketers in spying on the latest offers and advertisers knowing more about their ads competition. The platform provides comprehensive offer data analysis, which is easy to understand. The graphics employed in the report helps you quickly sort out the data, make an informed decision, and save time.

You can easily find the creatives on the e-commerce function with various filters. The data on Idvert covers over 60 popular geographical locations. For ease of use, the tool divides into two versions of E-commerce and Media Buy. Let’s look into the features you get to use when you purchase either versions.

What Are The Features Of Idvert?

The features of the E-commerce and Media Buy versions of Idvert are alike. Though they are not the same. We would examine the features of each version individually, and you can quickly know which version suits your needs. Here are some of the features of the Media Buy version of Idvert:

Offer Page Display and Search: You get to see the offer page of various Facebook/Adult/Native ads. You can also search more specifically with multiple features. 

Sub-Platform Creative Display: The landing pages of Facebook, native, and adult ads are on the Idvert Media Buy version. You get to know what your competition is doing to turn in conversions.

Creative Analysis: Helpful detailed analysis consisting of geographical location, first seen, last seen, tracking system, and network shows for each creative on Idvert. 

The features you will get from the E-commerce version include:

  • One-Click COD Ads: This ad type consists of a single shopping page. The ads are best for targeting social media platforms like Facebook, which makes up a considerable part of the social media market.
  • Multi-Dimensional Filters: You can filter through the ads based on different categories like language, nation, website system, and action. 

Idvert e-commerce version has features that are more useful for e-commerce advertisers and distributors. Affiliate marketers and media buyers will find the Media Buy version more helpful. If you want to know what makes this tool the best, it is all in the benefits.

What Are The Benefits Of Idvert?

Idvert is not the best spy tool just because it is called that. The software has proven itself by giving more value than you will get from most spy tools. With our Idvert discount coupons and deals, you get to enjoy these fabulous benefits at a pocket-friendly price. The benefits you get include:

  • A wide range of ads from popular geographical locations
  • Prompt mail support to attend to all your enquires
  • Comprehensive analysis of single ads and creatives
  • An informative blog that guides you in the use of the platform

Idvert is a must-have for every advertiser and marketer. Do you want to know how you will use it to achieve your goals? Just follow the steps we have outlined for you below.

How To Use Idvert:

Step 1: Register for the version of Idvert suits your purpose. Don’t forget to take advantage of our sweet Idvert discount codes when paying. PayPal is the only payment option available for this software.

Step 2: Once you are registered, you can use the keyword search bar or filters to look for creatives and offers. 

Step 3: Click on the desired creative and offer, and you will find useful information.

Step 4: You can download the money page(landing page) to study later.

Offer by Idvert
25% Off at Idvert
Love this dealSave it for later!

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