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  • Over one billion ads of varied types in several niches and countries
  • The user interface is easy to use and friendly
  • Efficient competitor’s ads performance tracking and scheduling
  • Integration with over six social media platforms

BigSpy – Your Number-One Ads Spy Tool

You advertise on Facebook or any of the other platforms. What you might not know is that you are not maximizing the effectiveness of your campaigns. You need to understand what your competitors are putting out and how well it is doing to win in this race.

The process of researching and analyzing your competitors’ ads can be quite time-consuming and stressful, though. Therefore, you need an ads spy tool to analyze your competitors’ ads.  

BigSpy Homepages

BigSpy is that tool. This platform allows you to search and download impressive ad materials from which you can get creative inspiration for your campaigns. Read more about how this advertising tool works in this review.

How Does BigSpy Work?

BigSpy is an advertising spy tool that helps you know your competitors’ ads on several social networks. It has a massive database with over one billion ads. This platform has an intuitive layout that makes it usable for both professionals and beginners. 

BigSpy has a customer-friendly design and allows for in-depth analysis with filters. You can search for social ads based on ad types, niches, social platforms, and countries. It is an optimization tool that can be used on both your mobile and desktop. 

BigSpy How it Works

Are you interested in how this platform can help you hunt your competitor’s advertisements? Let’s take a look at the features of BigSpy. 

What are the Features of BigSpy?

BigSpy helps you get ideas from your products competitors’ ads on Facebook and other platforms. Here are some of the features that make BigSpy one of the best tools for spying social ads:

What are the Features of BigSpy

Huge Ads Database. BigSpy has an intuitive database that covers almost all the available ad types and niches. This platform can provide continuous insight into more than 1 billion major social platform ads, including products stores and trends.   

Featured Ads. BigSpy has a big database and intelligence that can help you pick up trending ads daily. You get to see real-time data and social proof on the ads. This platform provides you with over 40 ad types from more than 40 countries. 

BigSpy Featured Ads

Powerful search. BigSpy allows you to search for ads using filters by ad types, formats, industry types, countries, dates, and CTA in a matter of seconds. It helps you view only the competitors’ ads campaigns that you need.

BigSpy has excellent features that you will find useful. With our BigSpy discount deals, you get to use these features at an affordable price. Learn more about the benefits you can get from using BigSpy.   

What are the Benefits of BigSpy? 

BigSpy is a social platform advertising tool that is simple and user-friendly. Some benefits you derive from using this platform include:

  • More than 1 billion ads available 
  • It is fully integrated with seven major social media platforms. 
  • An automated and impressive search engine that searches fast
  • Easy to use and friendly user-interface 
  • Free access to new users

BigSpy has all you need to research and analyze competitors’ ads successfully. Our sweet BigSpy discount coupons and codes also get you 15% off the price. You can learn more about how to use this platform below. 

How to Use BigSpy:

BigSpy is one of the best social media ads spy tool. It is easy to use, friendly and works on both mobile and desktop. You can follow these steps to use the tool. 

Step 1: Register and activate your account. 

Step 2: After successfully registering, click on the search now button on the Homepage 

Step 3: Search for your product type and select the required social media platform. 

Step 4: After getting the search results, analyze and gain insights into the ad performance.   

Step 5: You can check out the performance of the ads using the number of shares, likes, or comments.

BigSpy helps you make social media ads spying easy. Register now to enjoy it.

  • testimonial user
    I am a marketing manager, BigSpy tool lets me find the right marketing strategies and winning ads.
    Doris. C
  • testimonial user
    Great tool, great support. They keep adding features for free. A must-have for advertisers team ! I found the explosive marketing ideas here, which made my startup grow fast.
    David. D
  • testimonial user
    Technology is just a tool. I am a media buyer. You can always find new creatives and partners.
    Marry. J
Offer by BigSpy
15% Off BigSpy
Love this dealSave it for later!

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