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Offer by Social Ad Scout
Social Ad Scout
10% Off Social Ad Scout
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  • Detailed search filters to narrow your search quickly
  • High-speed interface for quick results
  • Comprehensive ads format that covers any ads type and forms including videos
  • Instant and real-time updates for new ads

Social Ad Scout – The Best Spying Tool Available 

Creating ads and funnelling your traffic is no longer enough for your affiliate marketing campaign. The best way to make the most out of your affiliate marketing campaign is spying. It helps you copy campaign strategies from competitors and use them to your advantage.

One of the best spying tools available is Social Ad Scout. The platform has all you need to get the best strategy to implement in your campaigns. You will learn more about how it works in this review.  

How Does Social Ad Scout Work?

Social Ad Scout is a powerful spying tool that allows you to reach out to your targeted customers via social media platforms. You can test social ads without the slightest knowledge about coding.

Social Ad Scout How it works

Social Ad Scout makes it possible for you to know the advertising strategies of your competitors. You can then use them to improve your brand’s value on Facebook and other social media platforms.

Social Ad Scout - Millions of social ads from countries

This tool also makes it possible to identify similar ads from different social platforms. You can copy these ideas and use them. 

With our incredible Social Ad Scout discount deals, you don’t want to miss out on the features and benefits of this platform. 

What are the Features of Social Ad Scout?

Social Ad Scout has all that you need to scale your affiliate marketing campaigns. There are several features available for use on this platform. The features are:

Link to actual ads. If you are interested in seeing the actual advertisement on the traffic source, this platform provides the links to the ad. You can also see the recent interactions on the posts.   

Detailed search filter. You can search for ads by different factors. The filters include the demographic information, type of advertisement, texts, URLs, performance indicators, type of device, geographic location, and much more.  

What are the Features of Social Ad Scout

Landing page details. Social Ad Scout visits the link of each ad’s destination using a carrier and residential IP addresses. It helps you beat off cloakers and get you the real running landing pages. 

Do you think all these features are great? Social Ad Scout can still offer you more. Our amazing Social Ad Scout discount coupons and codes get you 10% off any plan that you choose. Learn more about the advantages that you can get from using this platform below. 

What are the Benefits of Social Ad Scout?

Social Ad Scout is a powerful and useful weapon for spying and growing your affiliate marketing campaign. Below are the benefits you derive from using this platform:

  • Instant and real-time updates make it easier and faster for you to get ads 

Social Ad Scout Benefits

  • Comprehensive ad formats let you get any ads including videos 
  • Residential IP addresses beat cloakers and get the actual destination link 
  • Targeted overviews provide overviews based on your search results
  •  Permanent ads archives save a copy of all ads for viewing even after deleting

This platform provides all you need to pass the right message to your targeted audience. You don’t want your marketing campaign to remain at a spot. Check out the details on how you can use Social Ad Scout below. 

How to Use Social Ad Scout:

Social Ad Scout is one of the best spying tool available for use. You can use this guide when you start using the platform.

Step 1: Login to your Social Ad Scout.

Step 2: Go to your dashboard and get all the ads available on social platforms. 

Step 3: You will also see the number of shares, likes, and comments the ads have. You can now use the granulated filter to uncover your competitors’ ad strategies. Target your audience and refine your choices by country, age, gender, and lots more.

You can use the performance section to see parameters such as running days, likes, shares, comments, and time viewed. You can also see the number of viewers the ads got on desktop or mobile devices and whether they viewed it from Instagram or Facebook.

Social Ads allows you to do more in less time.

Offer by Social Ad Scout
Social Ad Scout
10% Off Social Ad Scout
Love this dealSave it for later!

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