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30 Day Free Trial at DPD

Get 30 Day Free Trial at DPD

  • Easy sales of digital products with copy and paste cart buttons
  • Secure storage of all your digital products
  • Mobile responsive platform to sell on the go
  • No extra or hidden charges beyond the monthly prices

DPD – Your Reliable Digital Product Delivery Platform

It is one thing to create digital products. It is another to sell and deliver those products on a reliable platform. Most platforms charge a processing fee and require at least some coding knowledge. 

Do you have a challenge selling or delivering your digital products to clients and customers? DPD is the solution you are seeking. Are you wondering how this platform can help you sell downloads and offer digital content? You can learn all about DPD below.

How Does DPD Work?

DPD helps you start your digital product delivery process with just a few clicks. You can create products and store them on DPD’s server. After that, all you would have to do is upload the files using a copy and paste button. 

Once your customers buy your products, you can get your payment processed directly to any processor of your choice. DPD integrates with PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.net. The platform is also very secure so, you don’t have to worry about anything happening to your files. 

The shopping cart is also very mobile-friendly. The platform integrates easily with over 500 sales and marketing tools. Now you know how it works, here are the features that enable it to work.

What Are The Features Of DPD?

DPD features are designed such that they are easy to use. You could run through the several processes with one click of a button on DPD. Here are some of the features you get to use when you get DPD for your digital product sales.

Multiple Stores in One Account. We understand that you might want to sell different types of products and you do not want to sell all in one store. However, you don’t have to open several accounts for all the different types of goods. With DPD, you can manage all the stores in one account. The dashboard is also easy to operate.

Product Hosting and Delivery. DPD hosts your files on its servers without any extra charges regardless of the copies. You can also automate the delivery process of your products on DPD. 

PDF Stamping and Encryption. There are several pirates and frauds on the internet these days. DPD help you stamp your PDF e-books with the buyer’s information. It is also encrypted so, and no one can print and copy any of your text. You can access this feature without any programming knowledge.

Google Analytics. DPD integrates with Google Analytics E-commerce to allow you to monitor the progress of sales in your stores. There are also other third-party integrations to which you can send your sales data.

You wouldn’t find these unique features with any other platform, definitely not with the same ease. When you add the advantage of our DPD discount deals and codes, you have a super sweet deal. When you then consider the benefits discussed below, you will know you have to get DPD.

What Are The Benefits Of DPD?

Alongside the features, there are several benefits to gain from choosing DPD instead of other solutions. You might be thinking there can’t possibly be more. Well, some of the extra you get from DPD include;

  • No pre-sale fee, commission, bandwidth charges necessary
  • PCI-DSS compliant and SSL secure 
  • Mobile responsive on all devices
  • Sales of tangible goods other than digital products
  • Direct payment to any processor of your choice
  • Customizable email templates to meet your needs
  • Multi-language checkout that lets you go international

The remarkable thing is that with our DPD discount coupons, you get 30 days to try all the benefits and features. So, how do you do it?

How To Use DPD:

DPD is designed for the everyday man. You would find that all functions are easy to carry out with an intuitive dashboard. With the steps below, you can set up your account and carry out the necessities.

Step 1: Register your DPD account. You can use any of their pricing plans. We advise that you take the $16 monthly plan (which comes with a 30 days trial period) or try for 30 days free without a plan.

Step 2: Log in to your account. You will get an email once you have successfully registered. You can log in from the link in the mail or getdpd.com. 

Step 3: Set Up Your Store. The procedure for setting up your store has been detailed on your dashboard.

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Offer by DPD

30 Day Free Trial at DPD

Get 30 Day Free Trial at DPD

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