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  • Super-fast and customizable video player
  • Video encoding that tracks the best video on your player
  • Video CDN for streaming content
  • Send traffic directly to your site without overlays

Swarmify: The Amazing Video Hosting Tool

As a business owner, your top priority is how you can boost your sales amidst your competitors. A lot of businesses today make use of YouTube videos to market their products. YouTube videos have helped a lot of companies increase sales. 

However, with YouTube videos, there is a possibility that your prospective customers won’t pick your product because YouTube pops out similar products. The solution is Swarmify, which keeps customers focused on your brand.

Swarmify offers you a quick way of increasing your sales, reduce bounce rates, and keeping your customers. Do you want to learn more about how it works? Read this review.

How Does Swarmify Work?

Swarmify uses its Smartvideo application to supply fast and buffer-free playbacks with unlimited bandwidth encoding and storage. When you add the Smartvideo JavaScript code to your site’s header, it automatically searches for YouTube videos and converts it to SmartVideos. Apart from reskinning the player, it will also handle the delivery for you.

SmartVideo also works perfectly with Dropbox and Google Drive. It converts self-hosted videos by using the SmartVideo to tag your video files manually. These files will be delivered through Swarmify. 

Swarmify does not prevent you from using YouTube. It will only convert it to a SmartVideo to ensure your customers focus on your brand alone. So, whether you run a small or medium-sized business, the best way to boycott YouTube branding is to use Swarmify. Read more on the features that the platform has to help you do so below.

What are the Features of Swarmify?

Swarmify offers amazing features specially designed to help you enjoy the fastest video hosting. You can enjoy it with our fabulous Swarmify discount coupons and codes. The features are;

Video Player. Swarmify offers a fast, customizable, and clean video player. It is specially designed to lead your viewers to your site without any competitor’s link. It is one of the reasons your video starts immediately with Swarmify. You don’t have to worry about overlays that steal your traffic. You are shielded from any traffic leaks to other sites.

Video encoding. This feature helps keep track of the encodings that play best on any device. Swarmify offers ongoing updates on specific encodings for your device to give your customers the best video experience. This feature also blends with the content of the video.

Video CDN. This feature is specifically optimized for streaming content. The speed achieved by a Video CDN is faster than a CDN built generally for every type of content. This feature also ensures the easy scalability of your site as the popularity increases.

YouTube export and import. Swarmify offers easy and instant converting of your videos. This process involves converting, importing, and optimizing all your existing videos. All you need to do on your end is to copy the current videos.

These are some of the features you get to enjoy using Swarmify. Now, let’s look at some benefits you stand to gain from choosing the platform.

What are the Benefits of Swarmify?

Swarmify offers mouthwatering benefits coupled with our amazing Swarmify discount deals. Some of the benefits are:

  • Simplified Pricing: The billing cost associated with hosting videos over the internet is always enormous. The cost will be incurred on encoding, storing, and transmitting videos on your site. With Swarmify, you will enjoy predictable, simplified, and competitive pricing. You need not worry about paying for bandwidth or video player licensing because it’s all built into Swarmify.
  • Dedicate traffic to your website: Other platforms load their video players with recommended videos and overlays which are capable of luring your potential customers away. Swarmify offers a clean video player, meaning you don’t have to worry about traffic leaks. Your customers will be completely focused on your site.
  • Smarter plays; self-optimizing videos: SmartVideo helps you to monitor your video playback and adjust its strategy based on the current need.

These are just a few of the benefits you stand to enjoy when using Swarmify. Are you ready to start using the platform for your video marketing? Let’s teach you how to use the software.

How to Use Swarmify:

Swarmify is a straightforward software you can start enjoying by following these simple steps.

Step 1: Sign Up 

Sign up on the page by providing details like your email address, password, your name, and your website URL to set up your account.

Step 2: Copy and paste text

You will be directed to our dashboard after you have created your account. Copy and paste your SmartVideo snippet into the site header.

Step 3: Relax

SmartVideo will automatically place your videos in its professional player anytime you have a video embedded in your site.

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Offer by Swarmify

20% Off at Swarmify

Get 20% Off at Swarmify

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