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Simplebackups – Never Lose A File

Have you ever lost a file just because you forgot to backup? We are sure you do not want to experience such regrets again. The process of initial and intermittent backups can be tiring. The solution is straightforward with SimpleBackups.

This app allows you to do all your backups in one place. From the storage of files to entire websites, SimpleBackups has got you covered. No matter what the projects or files are, you can have them all on SimpleBackups.

Simplebackups – Never Lose A File

Move on to the simple life and enjoy our SimpleBackups discount deals as you go.

How Does SimpleBackups Work?

SimpleBackups is an app designed to help you backup all your projects, files, and tools all in one place. The software is designed to automatically back up based on schedules you previously set. It is also designed to support other external storage.

You do not have to quit using your previous storage when you migrate to SimpleBackups. This way you have unified storage with each project still in its external storage. This gives you incredible simplicity of use.

SimpleBackups is excellent for developers with numerous projects in various cloud servers. You get to access all your backups immediately whenever you need to. We recommend our SimpleBackups discount coupons as you migrate to a life of simplicity.

What Are The Features Of SimpleBackups?

SimpleBackups, as the name implies, is the simple way to efficient backups. You can start an efficient lifestyle by taking advantage of SimpleBackups discount codes . Some of the features you will enjoy include;

What are The Features of SimpleBackups?

Error Prediction: SimpleBackups predict any error that may occur in the process of backing up a file or website. This tool gives you the foresight of any problems that may occur, allows you to remove such obstacles, and ensure a smooth backup.

On-Demand Backups: You can access your backups at any time you want. SimpleBackups allows you to quickly check your storage at any time. This makes moving to another host or cloning a backed up website simple.

Instant Emails: SimpleBackups sends you instant emails that keep you informed about your backups. You are aware of any challenges that occur during the process of storing a file or website. You also know when a back up is completed.

What Are The Benefits Of SimpleBackups?

The benefits of SimpleBackups are obvious from its features. Some of them include;

  • Unlimited Storage: SimpleBackups offer unlimited backup storage for all your websites and projects. There is no limit to how much data you can store. You never run out of space with this app.
  • Supported Storage: This software supports off-site storage on other cloud storage. You get to store your work in Amazon S3 storage, Digital Ocean storage,  Google Cloud storage, and Dropbox storage. You can also use the free Simple Storage that is offered for the sake of ease.

What are The Benefits of SimpleBackups?

  • Backup Schedules: There are days you would get very busy and forget to click on the backup icon. SimpleBackups is made for days like that. It helps you schedule automatic backups of your website and data. You never have to lose your data.

How To Use SimpleBackups:

Step 1: The first step is getting registered for free. You get to choose between a free plan or a 14-day free trial of a paid plan.

Step 2: Once you are registered, you need to make the choice of storage. You can either connect to your external storage or use SimpleStorage for free.

Step 3: You would also have to connect your server through any method of choice to SimpleBackups.

How to Use SimpleBackups?

All that is left to do is to set up the hows and whens of your backups.

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Offer by SimpleBackups

100% Off at SimpleBackups

Get 100% Off your first month at SimpleBackups

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