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Book Like A Boss – Schedule, Sell and Get Paid The Boss Way

Do you know that proper planning and scheduling can boost your work speed by almost 55%? However, as a Solopreneur or a freelancer, it can get increasingly difficult to schedule your appointments manually, make meetings, sell services, and track payments. 

To effectively carry out all your activities and still have some downtime at the end of the day, it is best to make use of an online scheduling platform that will manage all your activities and help you sell with ease.The problem is there are more than just a few of these services. Which one is the best that will help you carry out all your activities in one place? 

Book Like A Boss is the online scheduling platform that holds the position of the best. This platform will help you manage all that planning, scheduling, and sales, giving you the opportunity for a much-needed rest at the end of the day. Let’s dig in more into this tool.

How Does Book Like A Boss Work?

Book Like A Boss is an online scheduling platform that helps you manage your appointments and introduce your brand to prospects. On the BLAB platform, you create your page, which you can customize as you deem fit for your brand. From the sample pages, you can see that their pages are professional and straightforward to use. 

With your BLAB page link, you can show prospects the services you render, have them book appointments based on your calendar and let them pay through their preferred payment solution. All your invoices in one place, easy scheduling with prospects and clients, and a page that works efficiently are some of what you can enjoy from this platform. You can learn more about the features.

What Are The Features Of Book Like A Boss?

BLAB has some incredible features that stand it out from other platforms. Other than the comparatively low-cost plans, you also get to use our super Book Like A Boss discount deals and codes . Here are some of the features this platform offers:

Smooth Booking System. BLAB’s fast and secure bookings are unlimited, allowing you to take as many appointments as you want. The time, date, and language of your page can also be set according to a location to ensure prospects don’t get confused when booking. You can also send and receive messages from your customers to confirm bookings. 

Efficient Automatic Reminders. You can set automatic reminders through email and SMS for both you and your clients. With up to 5 reminders, you can cancel out no-shows. BLAB allows you to send reminders to more than one recipient for a booking. You can also customize the emails to reflect your brand. 

Convenient Sales of Goods and Services. Whatever service or goods you sell, BLAB makes it easy for you to introduce them to prospects and sell them for profit. From digital and physical products like an e-book or paintings to time-based and project-based services like a website build, you can sell conveniently with BLAB. 

What Are The Benefits Of Book Like A Boss?

Alongside our Book Like A Boss discount coupons and codes , there are numerous benefits to choosing this service for your online scheduling. Here are some of the benefits:

  • All in One service that helps you manage all activities from booking to payment. 
  • Reliable support to help you make use of BLAB effectively. 
  • You can customize your page to match the designs of the brand.
  • The service also integrates well with other services.

  • There are also no hidden costs, and BLAB takes no set up fees or charges on your sales. 

How To Use Book Like A Boss:

Book Like A Boss is a service with a simple and efficient user interface. To use the service from start to end is easy, here are the steps:

Step 1: Choose a page name that matches your brand. 

Step 2: Set your availability for appointments and bookings. 

Step 3: List all the products and services that you offer. 

Step 4: Connect the payment option you want to use.

Step 5: Start sending your page link to prospects and clients. 

Offer by BookLikeABoss
20% Off Book Like A Boss
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