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Get 30 Day Free Trial at Pipedrive

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Pipedrive: Simple And Powerful Sales CRM Tool

The relationships you build with your customers can determine your sales. Therefore, the importance of a good customer relationship cannot get overemphasized. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a significant determinant of your business revenue. There is several CRM software that helps you run efficient CRM. 

But, the challenge is that there are many in the market. Finding the right CRM software or tool can be overwhelming. However, in your search for the best software, a major determining factor is compatibility. The software you pick must be irresistibly flexible and easy to use. Here is where Pipedrive CRM Software comes in.

How Does Pipedrive Work?

Pipedrive is a CRM platform that prioritizes ease of use over other features. Pipedrive seeks to cater to small and midsize businesses. The powerful yet simple design of the software draws sales teams from several countries of the world.

You might not be able to control results in sales, but you can take control of the actions that drive deals towards making sales. This philosophy is what Pipedrive uses. Therefore, everything within Pipedrive is built around activity-based selling.

The well-developed features of Pipedrive ensure that nothing falls through the crack. These features let your team spend less time filing so that you’ll have more time selling.

What Are The Features Of Pipedrive?

Pipedrive has features that make it an excellent choice for your organization. Some of its features include; 

Internal Chat Integration. With Pipedrive’s internal chatbox and webform, you get more hot leads and deals fed directly into your sales Pipeline. The deals and leads keep coming round the clock. You also get the opportunity to chat with customers with this feature.

Email Integration. Pipedrive offers two time-saving and easy ways to track email conversations. It also connects your email to your deals and contacts. You’ll have an overview of everything that’s going on with a prospect in one place. In summary, this feature saves you time and improves your sales productivity.

Import and Export of Data. It is effortless to import your existing data to Pipedrive and also to export it into another software. The system checks for duplicates and incomplete entries then, allows you to correct on the go. You also have the combined import flow feature, that means, you only need one import session to get all your data into your account.

Powerful Open API. As you make sales, Pipedrive open API support and documentation will help you in the process. The system ensures no point of contact or deals slips through the cracks.

These are only a few of the features Pipedrive has to offer. There are several benefits you stand to gain from Pipedrive.

What Are The Benefits Of Pipedrive?

Our Pipedrive discount coupons and codes are one of the benefits you stand to gain when you choose this software. We give you some percentages off the price of Pipedrive when you take advantage of any of our discount deals. Other benefits of Pipedrive include:

  • Easily connect your Pipedrive account with other software: 

With an enormous range of integration readily available, the ways to use Pipedrive seem limitless.

  • Develop custom features: 

With REST API, you can customize your Pipedrive experience. The opportunities these features present are endless. It is a free API included in every Pipedrive subscription. 

  • Mobile apps integrations: 

You can access Pipedrive anytime and anywhere from your mobile device. You can also integrate with your favourite sales-boosting apps.

By now, you are already wondering how to use this powerful sale, CRM tool. We’ll show you how.

How To Use Pipedrive:

Usability was the top priority in the design of Pipedrive. To begin the use of this software, you have to follow the simple steps below.

Step 1: Get started

Register – fill in your work email or use the quick access with Google option. Fill in all required information and your password. You’ll be asked if you have a promo code. If yes, input your code (don't forget to check out our Pipedrive discount coupons and codes).

Step 2: Set up your Pipeline and break it down into stages. 

A pipeline is your work setup where you get to arrange the various sales processes you have. Customize your pipeline setup to match your business.

Step 3: Customize sales stages

The stages are the process a prospect will have to go through to become a client. Pipedrive is flexible enough to let you customize the sales stages whichever way you want. 

These are the three basic steps to use Pipedrive. Links to materials will be sent to your mail when you sign up to Pipedrive. From there, you can learn how to use more of Pipedrive features. 

There is also the Pipedrive academy where you can find tutorials and courses about the use of Pipedrive. 

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Offer by Pipedrive

30 Day Free Trial at Pipedrive

Get 30 Day Free Trial at Pipedrive

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