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  • Secure login with Google reCAPTCHA without spam or abuse
  • Beautiful login page with logo customization
  • Auto-login links for temporary access to your site
  • Pre-designed login templates for websites

LoginPress – The Best Login Management Tool for WordPress 

WordPress hosts about 33% of websites around the world. If you have a WordPress website, you would know that your login page is vital. The cost of getting a developer to brand and secure your login page might not fit into your budget, though.

LoginPress – The Best Login Management Tool for WordPress 

The reality is that you can get a fabulous login page without the help of a developer. All you need is LoginPress, which will help you work on your login page without any coding. You can learn about how it works and its features below.

How Does LoginPress Work?

LoginPress is a WordPress plugin for the creation and customization of login pages. The platform can assist you in creating a login form that helps you obtain information from visitors to your site.

You can customize the look of your login page with the plugin. It has pre-designed templates and features to help you achieve the look you want your page to have. The plugin also has features that protect your website from spam and hackers.

How Does LoginPress Work?

The tool has more to offer you than most WordPress plugins. You can check out more of what LoginPress offers in the features highlighted below.

What Are The Features of LoginPress?

LoginPress is a complete package that gives you all you need for your login management. It has some features that you probably don’t know you need yet. We have highlighted some features offered.

Login Form Styling. A login form helps you gather information about visitors to your website. You should make this form stylish and suited to your brand. With LoginPress, you can style the colors, buttons, fields, and labels of your login form.

Custom Error Messages. Your website visitors might encounter errors when trying to login. You can let your visitors know that you are still there with customized error messages. The messages can apply to different types of errors like forgot password or on a registration form.

Google reCAPTCHA. LoginPress also helps you add Google reCAPTCHA to your website. This tool will ensure that only real people gain access to your site. You can eliminate spam and abuse with this feature.

What Are The Features of LoginPress?

Logo Customization. Your login page is not complete without your logo. LoginPress aids you in adding your logo to your page without expert skill. You can also add links and title texts, and customize the space and sizing.

You might be thinking that so much value must go at an expensive rate. Well, that is not the case. With our LoginPress discount coupons and codes, you can get the plugin at 20% off the regular price. Our discount
is just one of the benefits of this tool.

What Are The Benefits of LoginPress?

LoginPress has certain advantages that make it an ideal choice above other WordPress login management plugins. Some of those benefits are;

What Are The Benefits of LoginPress?

  • Customizable messages for errors in connecting to your site
  • Money-back guarantee for 60 days, regardless of the reason.
  • Twenty fabulous pre-designed login templates.
  • Affordable pricing suited for any budget.
  • Tested and trusted by professionals all over the world

The tool is unique, and with our LoginPress discount deals, you can afford it for your WordPress website. Are you set to make your login pages fabulous? Let’s help you find your footing.

How to Use LoginPress:

LoginPress is easy to use without any coding skills necessary. You can also preview the changes you make to your login page as you go. Are you ready to get started? You can follow these steps.

Step 1: Buy the plugin from WPBrigade. After you have completed the purchase process, order and license details will be sent to your email.

Step 2: Install and activate the plugin on your WordPress dashboard. The process is straightforward, but if you need any help, you can get it from the LoginPress documentation page or contact support.

Step 3: Once the plugin is installed, your login page would look better. You can, however, use more of the features to upgrade it to your taste.

  • testimonial user
    Sweet! LoginPress helped me to easily style my login-page from the ugly grey to a more “branded” login – really fast and the support is great!
  • testimonial user
    If you aren’t using this, you are missing out! I have nothing bad to say about Analytify. It is the easiest plugin to not only install and connect, but to read. Their WP dashboard makes Google Analytics easy to read and understand.
  • testimonial user
    Works right out of the box. Slick,quick and easy, recommended
Offer by LoginPress
20% Off LoginPress
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